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So cool to read about everyone's home tradition they miss the most! I'm from England but I've been living in the States for five years and the thing I miss the most is Bonfire Night on November 5th.

The best thing about Bonfire Night is the fireworks, oh, and the bonfires! … and the history behind it. Basically, Guy Fawkes and his friends tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament and kill King James I. They nearly did it too – they hired a room under the House of Parliament and filled it with explosives. But someone told the royal palace. The authorities found Guy Fawkes in the room guarding the explosives, and he was sentenced to torture and death.

So it's a tradition that celebrates the fact that the king survived. It also means people don't forget what happens if you plot against your country. There's a kind of poem about it that starts 'Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot.' That's why we build a 'guy' – a life-size model of Guy Fawkes – and burn it on the bonfire. Pretty dark and horrible when you think about it!


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Speaking of bonfires, in my country, NE of Italy, on January 6, we make large heaps of fagots, above them we put a puppet representing an old woman (we call her: the befana). This tradition, typical of peasant environments, has pagan origins, the old burnt is the old year that goes away. It is a good luck charm for the new year in which the whole village is present.

I really enjoyed hearing about traditions from other countries. my favorite tradition happens during Holy Week, all the families make a dessert called Habichuelas con dulce and shared it with neighbors.

The Southern Anatolian Region of Turkey (where I live),every year on 21th of May we celebrate very meaningful and enjoyable feast.It called Nevruz Feast.Every year on this date we burn a large bonfire and dancing around it.Basically,we celebrate the coming of the spring,we greet the nature by this fire.This is the way of living in peace and happiness for us.

It's very nice to read some of traditions that have around the world. In Brazil, where I live, we celebrate Carnival every year. In Rio de Janeiro, especifically, we put a sparkly outfit, a fantasy, or even the shortest outfit we have to celebrate with our friends and watch the parade that happen in Sapacuí, traditional place at the center of Rio de Janeiro.

Hello everyone .It's so cool to read everyone comments about tradition .According to my point view every events which celebrated has their own meanings and has important massage for their celebrators.

Hello everyone. Nice to see such interesting stories. I'm proud to be a part of big culture. From my point of view, all our traditions have something familiar. When I've been reading the story, I remembered that we have the tradition to burn the life-size model of women on 20th February. It symbolizes the death of the winter and starts of new fortunate period for people.
Oddly. Of course, it's not the end of curiosity. The ashes were scattered over the fields to call Spring. Hope you are not going to invite someone using ashes...=)

Hi! When you wrote the post, you forgot the most important detail. After burning life-size model of women, you must eat pancakes with sour cream or honey. With help, pancakes , farmers are ensnaring the sun, and they requiry a good harvest.

submitted by A-H on Fri- 01/07/2022
one of the best way to be familier with diverse cultures existing throughout the world is reading the stories about their traditions. like a vast majority numbers of countries, my country (Iran) have alot of traditions including ceremonies and so on. one of those is norooze holiday, in which people hold various types of celebration throughout of Iran on 1th of farvardin- the starding day of new year- month in persian calender. In fact, people prepared seven objects, which start with the (S). In this special day, older members of families endow some gifts to the children.

It's really nice to read all of this traditions. When I was reading, I was thinking "what will I talk about to them?" I live in Brazil, and here, we have a lot of traditions. But my favorite one is called "Festa do Divino". It's a big celebration at the downtown, where the people enjoy concert of variable artists, with a lot of snacks and drinks. The party start at the night and end art the dawn, so we can see the sun rising up, and it lasts for four days a week.

Hello Everyone, It is really fabulous to read about your country's traditions, It made me attracted as long as I'm reading, I'm from Palestine, one of my favorite tradition is (AL Henna party ), which is a party it is celebrated by the brides' family before she is get married, they get candies and candles, they draw nice frills on her hand with Al Henna( it is a plant gives a red color )

So interesting how many traditions there are. I am from Mexico, here we have a custom when we are talking to a person, who is older than us or is in a higher level of job hierarchy, we use the word "Usted" instead of "Tu", both words meaning "You", but the first one is more respectful. This custom came from Spanish guys who came to Mexico to conquer this land; the natives used this word to talk with them, because the natives believed Spanish guys were gods.

Hi. I'm from Argentina. And tought we also were conquered by Spain, we usually a different mode than Mexican people for informal dialog with another one.
In fact, we use the word "vos" instead of "tu" when we are talking to somebody, but not over the whole country. In some provinces at the north of Argentina much more people keep their original roots using the word "che" instead "vos" or "tu", that is a respect way to speak to somebody.

It's always so interesting to know something new about other culture. I was curious to know about Bonfire night in England. But I'd love to say about home tradition in my country. 

It's the Maslenitsa. It's the week of farewell with the winter in Russia. And It's an ancient holiday,  when  people eat blini all weak. Blini are traditional pancakes, that can go with different filling. This pancake personifies the sun because it looks familiar. Eating the pancake you make the warm comes. In the end of this holiday scarecrow is being burnt. 

So it's a tradition that celebrates the fact that the winter has finished. People feel happiness that the warm days have come. It's the pagan's times tradition, but it left so deep in our culture

Hi @vl_ds. It´s nice to hear about Russian culture so truly. Especially i´ve been curious about Russian churches like Moscow church. I don´t remember what was the name of it... so i call it by the name of Moscow Church.

Now it´s my time to present my country which is Finland. Best part of finnish culture is saunominen and the definition to that word is going to the sauna. Maybe some people have heard about sauna. It´s room where is 60 to 80+ degrees of heat where everybody drinks cold drinks and relax.

Juhannus is the midsummer party. Finns party at the time of juhannus and we burn kokkos which is plenty of sticks laying each other and burning. People like that party because it´s time when sun doesn´t stop shining for one day.

I find that it is charming to read about your different traditions. I am from Mardin which is a city in Turkey and we have a variety of traditions. One of these is Newroz. we celebrate Newroz every year on the 21 March. Although celebrations vary, people generally gather together to welcome the coming of spring; they wear traditional Kurdish-colored clothes, dance together, light fires, and dance around and jump over the bonfire. Newroz is considered the most important festival in Kurdish culture.

Really nice to read and learn about the traditions of other countries and to enhance our general culture. I'm from Cuba and although many traditions have weakened during the last decades, there are some others that have survived so far: one of them is the one called "Cañonazo de las Nueve" or Nine O'Clock Cannonade. This is a curious tradition that is kept everyday in the city of Havana, the capital city. It turns out that during the colonial period, under the Spanish rule, the city of Havana was protected by a long wall that divided the city into two parts and forced people to pass through one of the few gates it offered for transit. Every night at nine o'clock the gates had to be closed until the next day early in the morning. To announce both to people and gates guards the precise moment the gates had to be closed, a loud cannonade was shot every night and the transit through the wall got blocked until the next day. Nowadays, the wall doesn't exist any more except for a few remainings at some points of the city, but the tradition of the cannonade is still in place and it is shot, like in the old times, from the San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress. The ceremony of that cannonade is publicly performed by soldiers dressed up like the ones of the eighteenth century and they still shoot the same bronze cannon that was used in those times...

Hello everyone, it's so lovely to read about the traditions and celebrities around the world. I'm from Egypt and we have a lot of traditions and annual events, for example, we celebrate Eid El-Adha and Eid El-iftar, both of them are crowded and everyone gets out to travel or rests, in El-Adha we sacrifice any animal like a buffalo or goat or sheep. and we have also special sweets for the celebration of the birthday of our messenger Mohammed. In addition, we have national holidays like the 6th of October to celebrate or victory against The Zionist entityز

hi everyone :)
pleasure to read your country's tradition , by the way ı am from turkey and ı m living in turkey . okey then ı m telling my country's culture. we called it 'hıdırellez' on May 5th every year .we believe that there are two people in this story. one of them Hızır who help the person who need . other is İlyas who judges of seas. in that day hızır and ilyas meet on the ground and that bring us blessing , health , greens. every year.

I find that it is so wonderful to read about someone's tradition. I am from Phnom Penh which is the capital city of Cambodia. Cambodia has a lot of amazing traditions. One of them is called Pchum Benh. it is celebrated in October every year. The history behind Pchim Benh is about the sailor who traveled to one of the unknown islands and met a dangerous creature that wanted to eat him. He begged the creature to let him go and he promised them that he would transfer food and meats to the island every year. After that, the creature let him go. The man respect his promise so he ordered to send food and meats there every year from there on. the people started to follow him by sending food too and it began to become our tradition from then to today. People throw out food at Pagoda in October to remind the story of a man and to give out the food to those creatures that they believe from the folktale.

Hello everyone, well one of the most iconic traditions in my country is called "La procesión de la Divina Pastora", which it's celebrated every january 14th. It's a procession where people go to a little church in the city of Barquisimeto, attend the mass and then they walk the virgin to the cathedral of Barquisimeto, that procession is the largest one in latin america and is the most crowrded as well, even thought you have to walk several miles from the beginnin of the procession to the end of it, you don`t get tired, is an experience really nice .

Hi everybody! I'm was born and raised in Vietnam. It's really nice for me to tell you about one of the most important festivals in my country, Lunar New Year. It oftens takes place in late Januray or early February. It's in the spring and there are a lot of kinds of plant and flower such as peach flower, kumquat tree,...When Tet comes, we all make our houses more beautiful, we decorate it with colorful flowers, and other staffs. All families gather, tell the others about what have been done throughout the last year and what to do in the next year, and we all make chung cake toghether. I very love this food because it's delicous and traditional.
I love Tet and everyone in my country love Tet too. If you have time, i think you should try to join Tet in Vietnam.

So happy to be here and see everyone's traditions in different parts of the world. I'm from Peru and the thing I miss the most is a festival called "Festival of Virgen Candelaria" which is celebrated in Puno, one of the highest cities in my country, in the first two weeks of February.
In summary, this religious celebration commemorates the image of Virgen Candelaria to continue protecting the city. Along with it, you can enjoy typical foods and dances. Also, you can go to the church before the procession. Not for anything is considered a World Heritage.
Finally, a wholesome fact is that this virgin comes from Spain and her legacy is distributed in a variety of countries like Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, and others.

Hi. I couldn't get what kind of practice this text about writing? Given a text and asked questions about it. This is like reading practice isn't it?

Hello MCE,

I see what you mean, but we created this page this way on purpose. One reason is that a good way to learn to write a certain kind of text is to imitate similar texts. In other words, you can use this class forum as a model for writing in a class forum in your life.

The best way to improve your writing is, of course, to write. Since we are a small team and millions of people use our site, however, we aren't able to provide feedback on our users' writing. This is why we don't have any tasks that ask you to write a complete text. The comments section is a place you can contribute your texts, but we aren't able to correct them.

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Hi Kirk, of course your words make sense. I'm a Esol student at Newcastle college and I like this website. I always recommend this website to my classmates and I have always benefited greatly from here for my reading and presentation exams. I passed all. Now I will have writing exams. That's why I couldn't understand. Thank you for your replaying.

ı am pleased to read your traditions. I am from Turkey. We have a special day to celebrate. On the tenth day of Moharram( the first month in the Islamic lunar calendar). We make a dessert. It's called Ashura. The meaning of this dessert comes from the prophet Moses. According to Islamic belief, he made this dessert to survive when he sailed for a long time in the sea. o we always make Ashura on that day
then we serve Ashura to our neighbors.
We use a lot of things to make Ashura like rice, wheat, milk, pomegranate, grape, orange, apple, bean ex.
If you come here, you can taste Ashura. I am sure you will like it.

Hello everybody, today I talk about tradition in my country México especific in Oaxaca we have traditional celebretion Guelaguetza here people the diferent regions meet to dancing on first monday of july. Guelaguetza is about share, share you have but whit love

It is really interesting reading about the variety of traditions of different countries. As for me, I'm originally from Myanmar known as Burma and the tradition I like the most in my country is " Thingyan Festival " that is also marked as a water party. We, Burmese, assume that as a festival of cleaning and washing all the waste and bad things that were happened last year. Pouring water on each other, doing good, giving respect to the old, and making food and sharing others are the main precious features of my favourite festival.

Reading all your comments gave me a lot of interesting knowledge about traditions in other countries. It reminds me too much of my country, Vietnam.
My country has a lot of diverse traditions, especially national costumes. We have 54 ethnic groups corresponding to a lot of traditional costumes too. However, the most popular traditional costume in my country is Áo Dài. I hope you knew Áo Dài before :D
Áo Dài was first created in 1744 and has many variations so far now. Be created a long time ago, but Vietnamese people still try to preserve this culture. We wear Áo Dài on important occasions like Lunar New Year, Weddings, funeral, and so on. Even high school girls are encouraged to wear Áo Dài on every Monday when they go to school. It is so beautiful and makes a woman softer and more attractive.

If you have any chance to go to Vietnam, I highly recommend you try on Áo Dài, you will see a different beauty in you which you have never seen before

It's interesting to discover others traditions thank you for sharing it with us. I'm from Morocco, and I would like to talk about an amazing tradition/celebration which is called 'yennayr'. Amazigh people celebrate it each 12 January(Amazigh new year).It's associated with the agriculture and the earth. People celebrate with traditional food, music, and dance.
'Yennayr' is the first month of the Amazigh year.

The tradition I miss the most is "Festa Junina" (June festival). Brazil is a catholic country, and these festivals celebrate st. Anthony (13/6), st. John (24/6), and st. Peter (29/6) days. We have several typical games. The food differs among regions. However, corn and cassava are essential ingredients in sweet and savoury dishes. In some areas, Festa Junina is more important than Carnival.

So lovely to read about your interesting traditions guys!
These comments make me feel that I want to visit your countries straight away. I am from Spain, but I've been living in the UK for almost 8 years.
Actually, the most I miss about my country is the fairs.They are parties that each city does when Spring-Summer time comes. People dance and dress up with traditional dresses in the streets, for example women dress with beautiful dresses and they put flowers in their heads.You can have a lot of fun, eat and drink typical food too.
People are very happy and you can meet a lot of people from
different places.

Hi, guys. It was very interesting to read about the traditions of each country, and I would like to write a little bit about some traditions in my country. I'm from Ukraine and we have a lot of holidays and traditions here, but what I like best is the celebration of Ivan Kupala or Ivan's Day from 6 to 7 August.
Eastern Slavs consider this day more mystical than any day of the year. This day is dedicated to the unification of natural opposites: fire and water, life and death, men and women, etc. The celebration begins mostly near rivers and is solemnized only by young girls and boys who are unmarried yet. There are built bonfires, weaved wreaths, and a big doll made of dried grass. Believes that Kupal's bonfires purify the soul if a girl and boy jump over the fire. Wreaths made by girls were the main attribute of the holidays. They were used to predict whether she find her love of life or not.
At the Ivana's Kupala night shouldn't sleep, because at this time not only nature comes to life, but also all evil spirits like witches, mermaids, werewolves, sorcerers, housewives, etc. Therefore, you should take a bath in the river to gain healing power for boys and beauty for girls. Look at flowering ferns in the forest it is also the main tradition on this night. Whoever finds this flower will be able to understand the language of animals and birds, see the hidden treasures and find the love of his life.
By the way, I don't celebrate this holiday for about three years probably. But I believe that the war will be over soon, and we can celebrate this tradition again. Regards!

So adorable to read about everyone's country's traditions. I'm from Brazil, but I've been living in Portugal for about seven months until now. What I miss the most is the Carnival which usually happens in February. It's a big festival, and Brazilian people love it so much. On the Carnival, we usually go out to the streets or avenues, dressing in some costumes. The costumes could be about something funny as superheroes, kids' cartoons, cute animals, or anything you want. The street Carnival normally has famous singers' concerts or could be a big car with speakers, and this commonly happens in the avenues and streets of the popular cities in Brazil, like Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Recife, Olinda, and Salvador.
I miss this a lot because I went with my Brazilian friends and we always had so much fun together. My family usually do a party at our house with a barbecue, and alcoholic drinks.

So lovely to read about so many beautiful traditions from different countries.
I am from Portugal but have been living in England for 10 years now. What I miss the most apart from the sun is an event called marchas populares de Lisboa at the beginning of summer, June. It's a festival of colors, creativity, and food. Every neighborhood has a theme and dresses up accordingly, the suits are specifically created for this special night. Seamstresses work all year round to sew these suits for hundreds of people in every area of the city of Lisbon. As the traditional food is grilled sardines, red wine, and bread therefore called the night of the grilled sardines.
Additionally, 12 couples get married on this day and, it is called as noivas de Santo Antonio, the city's saint protector. Lisbon city council pays for their wedding expenses, venue, everything, and it is all filmed by TV channels and streamed live. After the wedding celebrations, the couples go to the main avenue where the event is taking place to be congratulated by the city mayor, the people, and celebrities broadcasting the event. It is almost like a mini Brazilian carnival, mixed with the wedding events. In the end, basically, at 4am the best neighborhood with the best suits and creative cars wins.
this is a beautiful tradition and it happens when the weather is hot. People are energetic and happy.

celebrating 21 first of March as the first day of new lander year, it Called Nawroz, for thousands years this day has been celebrated by many countries, that's why Nawroz has been described as intangible cultural heritage in UNESCO, spring starts from Nawaroz that is the first day of Hamal the Afghan Calendar year, for Muslims the day prophet Mohammad immigrated from Macca to Madina is the starting point of the calendar as now it is 1401 in our calendar, it is a custom that all families cleans their houses and buying new dress and clothes and makes seven fruits and wear the new cloths and kills a bool and goes to each other houses and greets another and express their best wishes for the new year, they also plays local games. in the past there were many other activities and ceremonies the night before Nawroz but gradually people forgot those activities but still they celebrate it. Nawroz was a holiday in the calendar but unfortunately this year for the first time it was removed from the calendar and it has been banned to celebrate as according to the Taliban it is non Islamic custom.

It's so wondrous to read everyone's country tradition which is celebrated in their home! I am from Bangladesh where many traditions are observed by people. I like the most among them which is 21st February the International Mother Language Day.
The greatest thing is that we show the utmost tribute to the martyrs who sacrifices their life to save the Bangla Language which is the rarest case all over the world that's why UNESCO was declared in 1999 that 21st February is the International Mother Language Day in the world after that it has been observed most of the country since 2000. In 1948, the Pakistani Government declared Urdu to be the only national Language in Pakistan even if Bangla was the majority of people's spoken language in Pakistan. It follows that The students of Dhaka University and the General public protested against the Pakistani Government's declaration as well as arranged massive rallies and meetings. On 21st February 1952, Police open fired on rellies eventually Barkat, Rafiq, Shafik, Jabbar died, with hundreds of others injured. We lost our golden Brother and build a martyrs monument called Shaheed Minar, to commemorate the Bengali Language Movement.
So it's a tradition, Every year We celebrate the 21st of February to bring flowers, wearing the Bengali letters printed dresses which dominated red and white colors as well as promote the preservation and protection of all languages worldwide. Pretty gloomy and tear in the corner of your eyes when you think about it.

Hi, so cool to read about other country's traditions. I am from Viet Nam. Viet Nam is beautiful country with many traditions. One of our tranditions which we are really proud is King's traditional festival. This festival is celebrated on March 10th every year. The local people will visit the King's temple to express respecful and pray blessedness to their family. There is really crowded on that day. I am not person join much in celebrated traditions but they remind me about our traditional culture and ancestor's history. Thanks for reading.

I find it interesting to write about traditions. I am from Ethiopia. But now, I have been living in the Netherlands. In my country, we have eighty different languages and different ethnic groups. Almost all of them have their traditions. However, one of my favorites is Timiket. It is the christened day of Jesus Christ. The celebration takes place on January 21st. The orthodox pops, clergy members, and deacons are coming together from every corner of the country at Janmeda. These days Timiket is considered as a ritual rather than a religious tradition. Younger people love this ritual the most because they have a chance for the first date. One of the exciting parts of the ceremony is that every boy has brought a lemon. If that boy finds an attractive girl, he throws the lemon directly to her. Then, when the girls agreed with him, she immediately picked up a lemon and went on their first date.

I have been heard some histories and myths about the day of the deaths, but in my country Ecuador, it is a little boring, although the best part of this tradition is not the history is the food and that is the reason why love this tradition.
On the day of the deaths in November, many people carry food for their dead relatives, because the people believe that they own loved ones when dead go to the other side, and in this day they think can meet with their familiars, so on this special day, we can carry on food for them and can to eat this food too.
Therefore, the typical food for this day is Colada Morada, which is similar to juice. It’s prepared with blackberry, blueberry, strawberries, babaco, pineapple, black corneal, and spices. It's a delicious colada. Additional is accompanied by an exquisite “Guagua de Pan”

Its amazing to see the different traditions people celebrate in their countries! I'm from Australia and in my country their are many traditions that are celebrated. My favourite celebration is harmony day. Harmony day is celebrated on the 21st of March. It's a day to celebrate the cultural diversity of the country and to bring people from different cultures and backgrounds together in harmony. It's to also show that no matter where you are from you can make a great contribution to soiciety. :)

Hello everyone. So cool to read about the other country's traditions. I'm from VietNam and i've been living here for 22 years, since i was born. In my country, there are a lot of traditions but the tradition that i impressive the most is Tet holiday. Tet is happens in 3 days on January of Lunar Calendar. Before Tet, everyone who works far from home will come back with their families. They buy candies, foods, soft drinks, clothes, Apricot blossom, peach Blossom. Anh before Tet, we will celebrate New Year's Eve by Fireworks everywhere and give each other about the best wishes.
Thanks for reading. I hope this will bring you interesting things.

So cool to learn more about traditions and events that help us to remember a good moments. My country is Ukraine, it also celebrates a vast amount of amazing dates. One of them is prom after high school graduation. Party consists of formal and entertainment programs. I think it`s one of the best day not only at school but in whole life. You enjoy time with your classmates and you are in anticipation of a new phrase in life.

Hello, guys. It´s interesting to know about your culture. I am from Brasil. Here we have the Carnaval, very well known. In 4 days, we use fantasy, drink, and have fun.
It is a great event that brings people from around the world. Also, it moves a lot of money in every city in the country. Some people here don`t like the party itself, but there are other options to enjoy the holiday.

It's very interesting to read tales about different traditions and celebrations from various countries. I live in Ukraine. In my country we also have a tradition to celebrate a Knowledge Day. Study year begins this day. Parents take their childrens to school and students begin to study at universities. This day all pupils meet at open area near school. Prior to this day, pupils of high school, which begin a graduate year of studying, prepare some celebration events. Usually it begins with speech with greetings to a newly arrived pupils of a first year of studying. Pupils of graduate class tell to pupils from first class that they begin new part of life, that contain many interesting and glad moments. It part of life also contain more self-dependence and responsibilty. That they will meet many new people and some of them will become friends. That this life contain more work, and that it would not always be easy. Then pupils from graduate year make some wishes to pupils from first year of studying for their next school years. Then celebration may consist of some music, theatral, dance, comedy or something else performances. And then first year pupils are taken to their first classrooms by graduate pupils.

hi guys. It is lovely to read about lots of different traditions. I am from Mongolia which is bordered by Russia to the north and China to the south, I want to tell you my nation's tradition. Personally, the best tradition is the lunar new year Mongolian's called Цагаан сар. On this occasion, most people meet their family and give a gift to each other. Otherwise, they are also invited who honored they are. It is all about wishing such great things in the new year, family who loves they are. It was the most valuable holiday I know.

Hi everyone, my name is Andy and I'm from Mexico and we have different traditions in my country, but the most popular is called "Day of the Death ", which is celebrated on November 1st and November 2nd, this tradition is not celebrated by all the people, but it does in order to remember the ones that are not here with us anymore. people use to prepare a kind of offering, which consists of "Pan de muerto" ( Dead bread) and other kinds of meals that these people liked and people go to the cemetery to place that small offering and remember them. and also on the TV, a parade is broadcasted where there are many people dressed in typical clothes according to the celebration, with colorful attire and there are typical sweets which we call "calaveritas de azucar" and also there is "Pan de Muerto".

Hi, I'm Mook from Thailand. It is nice to see everyone share about their country's tradition. In my country, there are a lot of traditions, especially about religion. One of my favorites is the Songkran festival which is held in April, the hottest month of the year. We have more fun because we get to pour water to each other it looks like a water war and everyone was having fun together. However, after the pandemic, the tradition is paused for 3 years now. I hope everything gets better and we can enjoy our festival.