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So cool to read about everyone's home tradition they miss the most! I'm from England but I've been living in the States for five years and the thing I miss the most is Bonfire Night on November 5th.

The best thing about Bonfire Night is the fireworks, oh, and the bonfires! … and the history behind it. Basically, Guy Fawkes and his friends tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament and kill King James I. They nearly did it too – they hired a room under the House of Parliament and filled it with explosives. But someone told the royal palace. The authorities found Guy Fawkes in the room guarding the explosives, and he was sentenced to torture and death.

So it's a tradition that celebrates the fact that the king survived. It also means people don't forget what happens if you plot against your country. There's a kind of poem about it that starts 'Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot.' That's why we build a 'guy' – a life-size model of Guy Fawkes – and burn it on the bonfire. Pretty dark and horrible when you think about it!


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So interesting to read about everyone's home tradition they enjoy the most. I'm form Tunisia and many of our traditions have changed to fit in better in a society led by western thinking. Fortunately, some of our heritage, like Aid Al Fitr, remains. Basciallay, it's a religious celebration. It's the day after the end of the holy month of Ramadan. We have fasted for a whole month, and we literally cannot wait to get back to eating as much as we want and whenever we want. Let's be honest here, Aid al Fitr is the perfect occasion, food is all around us. So we spend those two days of Aid eating Tunisian pastries and succulent foods. Also, relatives visit each other and spend some time together. It's also an occasion for kids to get spoiled. It's like Christmas for them. They get gifts and money (called mahba) from relatives. Besides food and family, we like to pamper ourselves and buy new clothes in order to look fantastic for the two days of celebration.
Hi everyone I'm from Armenia I would like to tell about one cool tradition which I love very much. We call the day of celebration 'Vardavar' or 'Jroci' the day is not fixed we celebrate on the hottest day of summer. It is the day when you can't just walk in the streets someone for sure will try to drench you with water all the people in cities and villages go out and play old and yang ones. It is really very funny you can see sights when policeman and fireman play using the big and scary machines to drench people with water if liked this story and want to have a part in water festival and have a fine with us I invite you to Armenia in summer
There are a lot of interesting traditions from people around the world that you can read in the other posts. I´m from Colombia and a big tradition for us is to celebrate Christmas with the "Novenas". For 9 days, from 16th to 24th December, we get together with our families and friends to share traditional food, songs and some prayers too.
Hello, I am from Turkey and there are a lot of tradition from my country. For example, At the small towns in wedding days, The groom and his friends gather at the square and go to the bride's home walking through the streets with their torch. Also they pray demanding good fortune for the bride and the groom.
It's really interesting to know other countries' traditional activities! I want to share Spring Festival of China I love most. It's on different dates every year because we celebrate this festival on New Year's Eve according to our lunar calendar. Traditionally, there is a big family reunion for the New Year and lanterns hanging in front of the door, pointing the way home. Before midnight, family members together make dumplings and watch annual Spring Festival Gala when waiting for the coming of next year. Firecracker and fireworks cannot be absent and even the sound can last the whole night. On the next day, you also wake up by the loud sound of firecrackers.
Hi, I am from Iran and the traditional celebration that I like the most is Nowroz.Basicllay, beginning of the Iranian new year is celebrated as Nowroz and continued for 13 days. In the first day, we have Haftsin which includes 7 things that their first sound is S in Persian language and each of them is a symbol. In other days we visit our relatives to wish them a happy new year.in 13th day of Nowroz we go nature, play games and eat traditional foods.
hey , it is nice to know about different countries tradition and their celebration. I am from india .India is well known for its traditions and beliefs. India has diverse people and each of them have different tradition .I am going to write about Pongal celebration.Pongal is mainly to tributed the farmer.People worship Sun ,Cow ,Nature ,Farmer who all provides people the food.It is four day celebration .
It was nice to read your comments. I have to say that i really enjoy reading it. Well, I am from Georgia and there are lot of traditions that i really enjoy. I suppose that it will take a long time if I try to write all these traditions, so I only write the tradition that i can explain correctly... I reckon that the most interesting and enjoyable tradition, in my lovely country is towards wine.Georgian people really respect grape. People usually collect grape from (Vazi) in autumn especially in September.Georgians are doing different kind of activities when they are collecting grapes for instance:they are singing,sometimes dancing...to sum up they have fun,while they are collecting the grapes. After they collect,they are making juice from it and after 2-3 months,that wine changes to wine. I also have to say that they make tones of wine, its really delicious too...
really intersted to read about everyone's ome tradition,so i want also to talk about my tradition culture,we have a lote of traditions in my country(Morocco) ,among of them ACHORAA .we celebrate Achoraa in 10th of moharram from islamic calender .in this day we buy the mix of nuts and mainly walnut and almonds and we exchange it with our neighbours.in the Morning we spray every passerby with cold water called zamzam.in the night women of neighborhood prepare couscous in the dinner and after eating they cing and dance with diffents instruments like taarija ,bendir,and darbouka.in other side children play with firworks in the streets and light bonfire called chaala.
so common when you live abroad to remember your home country's tradition you miss. I am Egyptian, but I have been living in Saudi Arabia since 2015 and when it comes to spring season I remember the light Saturday, it's a very famous tradition where the mothers beautify the eyes of their children with black eyeliner as celebrating of new spring as it considered a birth of new life as pharos used to believe, and in another hand to protect and keep their eyes more healthy.
Really interested to read a lot of traditions what they are the most memory around the world. I am from Vietnam. Actually, there are many traditional culture in my country, but with me the most memorable holiday is Lunar New Year in January of lunar calendar. The best things of Lunar New Year are firework, traditional foods and customs which Vietnamese people often do it in New Year days. Some specialities that Vietnamese people cook on the days are chung cake - the boiled sticky rice cake with pork and green beans without silk crust inside, many kind of sweet jams made by fruits, seeds, vegetable, such as tomato, strawbery, tamarind, carrot, lotus seed,... Beside that, that is the longest vacation in my country. Many people can come back home if they work far away from their family or spend the period to travel, visit relatives and friends,... Red is believed that lucky color, so we usually decorate our house with many red things. People will send the best wish massages and avoid scolding and saying unlucky things. Because the believe that the first days of the year will affect to all the year and whole the year they will be happy and lucky if the receive and make lucky things.
Hello everyone, Myself Arun from India. India is multi-cultural country so it has many traditions. Here we celebrate diwali in the month of October-November. On this day people lighten their houses with lamps. They worship to Lord Ganesha and Lakshmi ji. People offer sweets to each other.
I'm from Azerbaijan and in our country we have many traditions. I can't decide which is most interesting :) but I wanna talk about our holiday Newrouz (Novruz).It is our new year holiday and we celebrate it on 20-21 march. We also have bonfire, paiting eggs to diffferent colors. We plant wheat on a little plates, it is a tradition for us. if your wheat will be crowded and dark green it means your forthcoming year will good and fruitful. then we bake different delicious sweets "pakhlava, shakarbura. There are soo yummy :) . whenever if you wanna come to Azerbaijan i have an advice for you. you should come to us at newrouz eve. It will be very interesting holiday for you
As an Egyptian we have many traditions and festivals we celebrate , one of them is inherited from pharaohs is to celebrate the beginning of spring many habits are done this days like coloring eggs , eating smoked and salty fish , go out for green parks and this day is officially a holiday in Egypt
hi all my name is zay from Somalia but raised in Kenya. I am new to this page but like previous comments.
Actually so cool to read other countries traditions. I live in IRAN and although it is so difficult to chose one answer, in my point of view Norooz Festival is the best so we celebrate it on 20th of March and days before it bazaars are so crowded and people use to buy new clothes, cookie, chocolate and so on. Somehow it might remind you of Chirsmast since it is beginning of Iranian new year.
So happy to read lots of traditions all over the world. I come from China and live in Canada now. One of the most memorable traditions in my country is Mid Autumn day. It dates back to the Yuan dynasty in ancient China, the Han Chinese wanted to resist the invasion by Mongolian, but it's very hard to spread the information to all the people, an intelligent person called Bowen Liu made up with an idea that calling all the families to eat moon cakes in the midday of August, thus the piece of paper was found on the mooncake. Finally, they beat back the enemies successfully. From then on, the tradition of eating mooncakes has been handed down till now. But nowadays, with adding too many commercial purposes, this traditional has lost its original meaning, but more than a business annual event.
So cool to talk with you all about a tradition I like in my country ! :) I am Egyptian, we have a lot of traditions that I can not pick one to talk about. I can talk about a party a bride do a night before her wedding day to celebrate with ladies. Briefly It is a party called "henna party" includes only ladies, we dress up, dance and sing freely. The bride and also those visitors may draw henna on their body or hands if they'd like to do so. And there are small organizations that organize this party. Wow I get excited I can not wait to do mine ...
I'm from Venezuelan and we've got a lot of awesome traditions, yet the most meaningful are the ones that are releated to the Christmast. My favourite is Chiquinquira's party,this is a catholic tradition that consists in make an altar for that Virgin, bring flowers and sing "Gaitas" (a tipical Zuliana's music playing in Chirsmast season). Moreover we make promise to the Chiquinquira or Chinita's Virgin for te next year, in order to reach our new year's resolutions (yes, we think in our new year's resolutions since november) it's a so delighted party for all Venezuelans.
It's very difficult for me to choose a best tradition from my country, because Italy has a very aboundant amount of rituals and all the towns and cities, even the most little villages, are proud of their traditions. Anyway, I can mention a popular ritual that happens in many places with some differences: I'm talking of the fires lit on the eve of Immaculate Conception, December 7nd, for warming Virgin Mary.
Hello, I am Sajib from Bangladesh. Pahela Baishakh is the widely celebrated tradition in Bangladesh and I like it most. Basically, It is the first day of the Bengali calendar. On April 14th, the festival is celebrated through eating 'panta-illish' (traditional Bengali food made by watered rice and hilsa fish fry) in the morning. Moreover, a rally is arranged for the welfare of the people. The history of Pahela Baishakh can be found in the Mughal Empire. Mughal Emperor, Akbar introduced the Bengali calendar to reflect the agricultural cycle and for the privilege of collection of taxes. Then every year it was celebrated as an occasion for harvesting new crops and also people made different types of cakes from rice. However, in the course of time, the ancient cake making tradition was gone and new tradition like rally came into the place. Although the Bengali culture changed a lot in the past century, Pahela Baishakh remained the most popular Bengali festival.
i am so glad that i can learn so much different traditions by this way. i am chinese girl, my favorite tradition must be making dumplings during the chinese new year which is the biggest family union festival in china. There are a lot of custom in chinese new year, but making dumplings is a special one. Dumplings has lot of meaning in the past, firstly, its chinese pronounciation imply get good luck in the new year, secondly,its shape resembles ingot(Money in the ancient china),so that's means it can bring you good fortune in the future. the last but the most important part of keeping this custom until now, is because its cooking process can make all the family member involved and help developing relationship.
Its always fascinating in knowing about some one's tradition.I am living in Australia from last four years and missing many of my country's most traditions. I belong to a beautiful country ,Pakistan.The most interesting thing is their family unity.On every small and big occasion all family members get together and enjoy every moment.They show love and unity for each other.Kids experience their family norms and learn from their elders. In Pakistan there are many occasions on which families get together and share their joys but the two main occasions are Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al azha. They are both Islamic festivals. Eid Al Fitr is the celebration at the end of Holy month of ramadan(fast) and Eid Al azha is celebrated as a remembrance of the sacrifice done by Hazrat Ibrahim (AS). Other then these two festivals ,marriages are the special occasions and all family and friends get together and celebrate with ultimate joy.Basically there are three main days of wedding, Mehndi barat and walima,but the celebrations begins almost a month before. These are not only the celebrations but an opportunity to learn about your norms and traditions.
It's very lovely to read about the cultures of different countries. I also want to talk about a traditional festival in my country, Myanmar. In Myanmar, there are many festivals throughout a year such as Thingyan festival, Tazaungdaing festival, Harvest festival, Thadingyut festival and so on. Among them, I want to tell you about Thadingyut festival also known as the Festival of Lights. It's celebrated on the full moon day of Thadingyut--7th month of traditional Burmese calendar. The reason for celebrating this festival is marking the end of Buddhist lent. On that festival, paying obeisance to elders(gadaw), lighting of candles and visiting pagodas can be found. All Buddhists participate in the event and enjoy the festival. It is one of the great and precious festivals in Myanmar.
hi, I'm Mary from Iran One of my favorite home tradition is Yalda Night on November 21th. Yalda means the birth of the sun,and The reason it is celebrated is because,after November 21th the days will be longer than before. Anyway, we getting a party and provide some special food and fruit (for example: watermelon, persimmon and pomegranate,...) Finally we start reading the poems of the famous poet Hafez
It's nice hearing about other country cultures, 'cause you learn so much. For example, I had never hear about bonfire nights, now I ´m glad know a little more about England celebration. I live in a country where fireworks are parts of many celebration especially at the end of each year. The real meaning is to welcome to the new one.
Loved to read about everyone home traditions and get to know more about diferent countries around the world. I'm Marlon, I'm from Brazil and here we love a good brazilian barbecue... the so called Brazilian Churrasco. We do it almost every weekend. It's when we gather family and friends in someones' house to chat, drink and eat a grilled stake beef, pork sausage and a butter garlic bread! You must try when comming to Brazil.
What cool to hear all these traditional stories, comes to me What I the most miss is the celebration of marriage that begins with something called Arada. That's a very traditional dance in Syria. It starts when the friends of the groom come to bring hem from his house so they bring hem with a cool dance en that dance includes dancing with swords, professional mens carry swords and do some beautiful movements with them with some also traditional songs, singing these songs very out loud that all the neighborhood hears it. I used to run to the window when i hear Arada and keep watch it till end. Now I am living in The Netherlands and I miss such things badly. But I think with time I can see such Arada here also because of the spread of syrians all over the world.
I Love how everyone excited to tell their country tradition, Let me share with you the best traditional celebration we have it here in Bahrain and in GCC. It's Gurgaon happens on the 13th of Ramdan from the Islamic calendar. What I like the most about the Gurgaon it's the celebration atmosphere and kids singing. Basically, on these days kids wear colourfull traditional custom and going around the neighbourhood knocking the doors and singing Gurgaon song where the neighbour treat them with candies and coines. I love it because it reminded me of my childhood, and how we used to be happy and excited about the small thing. :)
hi, I'm Juhyun from S.Korea. My favorite tradition is to eat together food like galbi, ddukguk on some special day. That's a day of gathering all the family in one or two times every year. So, it's a very deeply touched day for me. It's something like Seol-nal or Chuseok and most of the traffic is so heavy that day, because everyone who would want to go to their parent's home moves mostly by own car
in my country, vietnam, there are a firework in the most important public celebration days, such as: new year, national day...especial in big city. Quality of a fireworks is becoming better year by year.It attracts so many people going out to see.There are international fireworks festival which is organized in Da Nang city every year. That is very excited and attractive event. If you want to join You may have to book a hotel at least 6 months in advance. a Fireworks also cam into the memory of so many Vietnamese people and It is very nice and peace memory.
hello I'm from Cairo,Egypt one of my favorite tradition is the "Eid" basically it is an Islamic festival we have 2 Eids every year the small Eid and the big Eid on the small Eid we bake cookies and biscuits, we pray a prayer before sunrise also we visit relatives or go out and have fun on the big Eid we pray a prayer before sunrise and we slaughter sheep and give away their meat to the poor people in both Eids you can breathe the joy and the wonderful spirit in the air
I have been hearing about Bonfire celebration but never knew the history till date. In Nigeria where I come from, we have many festivals but I could discuss the New Yam Festival. It is the festival of Thanksgiving to the God's of the land for a successful harvest of new yam after a cultivation season. Sadly, I don't know the history. However, the celebration is done every August and is led by the king or the eldest person in that village. During the festivals, there are a lot of traditional displays such as dances in native costumes, masquerade and musical bands. This festival showcases the traditional art of the people which makes it memorable.
hi every one . when I rad the above post , I thought a lot what I can write about because I born in Saudi Arabia while I am Egyptian so I never attend a tradition in my country when I was young . In this days the celebrating spirit of old traditional is despairing year after year so that its difficult to describe my favorite . How ever I was love ramadan this month every one was so calm and happy even we was hungry and thirsty but fact that choose doing this one a year to remind you self with poor people which can't find enough money or food that made you so thanks about what you have and know there are other need what you don't need . If every one take what he just need only and let the resat to other no one in this world will safer again I hope if any one read what I wrote please tell my the mistake I did thank you
Hello all, Nice to meet you. My name is Amily and we have tradition which is Thingyan Festival in Myanmar.We celebrate Thingyan Festival in April around the country by splashing water each other, donating foods in every street.
Hello, Is so nice to hear about intercultural tradition . I thing I am from the country with the most traditions. :)) . Why I am say that? Because we have a lot of holidays without Christmas and Easter. One important is on beginning of spring at 1 March. We get and we give flowers to woman. In principal men to women but also women to women, in special to mothers and sisters etc. More important than flowers are trinkets. It is made from tow yarn threads, one red and one white. The history behind is different from area to another area. But is the way to say hello to the spring. Tradition flowers for this celebration is snowdrop. Another tradition nice and funny is to celebrate the saint`s name and all people who has that name is celebrated. And we have a lot. We celebrate the day of work without working in that day :)) but having any kind of activities. I can speak about a lot of celebrating day from my country but I guess I need a book :d. Thank you for reading my text!
Hey. My name is Gulya. I am from Uzbekistan . It is an ancient, sunny and hospitable country in Central Asia. We have many different traditions. but one probably is known to many abroad. This is the celebration of the spring holiday of Navruz. Many traditional dishes are prepared on this day and await guests.
Hi everyone, I'm from Iran. We have another traditional ,except Nuroz and Wednesday celebration that we called " yalda's night ".(This night is just one minutes longer than the other.) We celebrate the longest and the last night of autumn with watermelon and pomegranate.
Hi everyone, I am from Hong Kong, it’s a metropolitan which was governed by British and have been returned to China since 1997. The most popular tradition in Hong Kong is Lunar New Year/ Chinese New Year which is a three days holiday. In this three days, we would visit to all the family’s member and friends. In order to show your respect to the elderly or giving blessings to friends, we often bring a lot of delicious foods, gifts and red pockets with money inside. It’s defiantly a feast! We lived in a suburb when I was young, we used to buy the fireworks and made firework display to light up the front door of our house. Everyone was so happy and excited! However, for the safety reasons, fireworks were completely banned. Nowadays, people are not as keen to celebrate the Chinese New Year as we did before, they prefer to make it simple!
It's great to know about international traditions. In Myanmar, we don't have tradition like bon fire though we have light festival in November. We celebrate as a sign of worship to Buddha. Among the cities, Tauggyi Fire Balloon Festival is the most famous one in light festival.
Hi, I'm from Kyiv, Ukraine. Decent article about Fawks and British traditions. Honestly, I've heard this story many times, even more: Guy Fawks masks are very popular around the world. Also I've read many opposite theories and minds about Fawks and his complicits: is they were a terrorists or rebels? ---- Anyway, in Ukraine we have many holidays, but for me better tradition it's too simple: Christmas celebrating and songs, especially songs! When I was a child we (me and my friends) we walked from door to door, singing the Christmas songs and get the candies from hosts for our perfomance)). One of the most famous Ukrainian Christmas song: "Shchedryk". It's famous not only in Ukraine but in the USA too, because their "Carol of the bells" its an american version of "Shchedryk". In 1914 Ukrainian composer Mykola Leontovich wrote it and in 1921 it was performed in the United States at Carnegie Hall. And It's so cool that part of our Ukrainian ancient culture now is a part of American culture).

Hello EmptyDysfunctionalBox

Thanks for your explanation of how Christmas is celebrated in Ukraine. I lived in the US for many years and you are absolutely right in saying that Carol of the bells is very popular there. I had no idea where it came from.

By the way, if you're interested in reading more about Christmas in English, I wanted to point out that we have several other pages about it: a Magazine article, a Vocabulary page and several videos in Word on the Street. I hope you enjoy them!

All the best


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I would like to introduce myself for you, my name is Fatima am from Sudan a country in the east of Africa, It's very nice country because of its nature; the autumn season the best weather in Sudan. I like many traditional food in Sudan done by white flour and yeast which name is " aseeda" like a bread we put it in special mold, beside this there is a dish containing minced meat plus tomato sauce and okra "Wika" this dish name is " Molaah Tagalia".
in Iran we have a tradition that based on fire too, named " Wednesday Celebration " that is held on the last wednesday (actually the night before) of the year. people set fires in their neighborhoods ,but not as big as bonfire, and jump over them. while they are jumping they say: My yellow color for you, Your red color for me.
That's so great to being familiar with international tradition. Actually I had herd about Bonfire Night and Guy Fawkes but not with details so your text made it become unforgettable. I am from Iran and one of the most popular tradition which I like is called Noruz. All people in I ran also some other countries celebrate the first day of spring. Actually it is similar to Christmas somehow.