Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


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I used to wear rucksacks a lot when I was s student but now I do not. Also, I wear a belt to hold my trousers up, a gloves a cap and a scarf to keep warm during cold season in my country. I do not wear an earring because I am a male. Necklase is also not my point of interest because I think it is a wast of money.

I have a scarf, pocket, rucksack, watch and glasses. I use them every day then I can't go out without my glasses.

I have a very beautiful jewelry necklace. My ex-boss gave it to me as a gift. I love it so much, I never wear it because I'm afraid of making it old.

actually, I have too many earrings but i love the golden one and sometimes i wear small one looks like flower. i like all the things you mentioned except a hat and a cap.

I am not interested to collect accessories so much. But I love to wear earrings and I always wear.
I like to buy hats . I am interested about buying hats of different colours
Hi , everyone¡ I have a lot of earrings, bracelets and accesories. I love it. My coutry don¨t have weather seasons (tropical weather), then I ussually wear warm clothes and protect my head and face with a cap or a hat, and some glasses ...
I have a bag and i use it for go to gym, I fill it with shoes ,clothes , gloves and water bottle
This is such a good and fun way to learn vocabulary. The exercises are very entertaining.
I live in Mexico, in a little town, here when a woman is pregnant grannies think she need to use a bracelet with an image of a saint or a virgin, in order to have protection. When I was pregnant of my first child I wore a bracelet of Saint Benito.
I found the exercises on the site interesting. Very cool. The website is wide, with different types of activities. We can study reading, writing, listening and speaking. Very good.
I like to wear earrings because they are pretty, I also like to wear jackets and coats for the cold weather.
Yes, I do. My favorite accessory is my rucksack, I use it to carry my laptop. I treat it like my best friend because we spend most day together.
yes. I have got a bracelet as a present from my cousin. it`s black and white. I wear it every day. I love it.
It's 15 days or maybe 15+ I'm not using my rucksack because I don't have school or anything to do outside till now.
My glasses are the accessory that is special for me because it is a gift from my father. My father gave that a year ago. The glasses are simple but elegant at the same time. What most I like about the glasses is that their lens can be automatically adjusted depending on the sunshine.
I wear my belt everyday to hold my trousers. So it's my favorite accesories or the accesories i use the most.
Yes, I really love all my earrings. Every day I put me them. I couldn't live without them.
Yes.i'm sure about it that people have some accessories that like a lot becouse someone bought them for her/him
I have a beautiful gold necklace. It's a special one because it was a gift from my mother in my weddings.
I have a sling bag of black color since black is my favorite color. The bag quality is very good. I carry all my important cards in it. It has total 3 pockets. It is the best bag I've ever bought!
One of my special accessories is a pink cap, this have a logo from my favorite baseball team, it's called "Leones del Caracas". And it gives me many memories of my country.
last month i went to trekking with my friends, it was in high altitude, so i put a hat on my head and wear gloves on my hands to keep them warm. I put glasses to protect my eyes from sun and we carried a all things in rucksack.
Yes, I've got a ring for almost 8 years or perhaps more! It is really important for me. I hope I never lose it.