Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


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Yes, I have. I have glasses, lucky bracelet and watches. I usually use them to make style better. I also put on my glasses when I go out by motorbike for protecting my eyes against dusts, insects into my eyes. My favorite accessories are watches because It’s made my looking styler than normal. How’s about you, please share with me ❤️❤️❤️
yes, I have .That is my glasses.This is the first one when i wear glasses.When i had an accident and then i lost.
yes i have my lovable accessory....that is my fabulous Watch. I liked to wear my watch on my right hand only...Whenever i see that watch, it remembers "this moment(good or bad situation) is not permanent.. one day it will change.." so i enjoy each & every moment in my life by doing the things what i love & to save those moments as sweet memories in my heart & mind. Not only that watch gives memories but also that watch is a super motivator...Think that watch is repair which means stopped.... stopped watch is right twice a day..yup nothing in the world is ever completely you still think a broken person cannot be productive? LIFE TEACHES US TO MAKE A GOOD USE OF TIME.. WHILE TIME TEACHES US THE VALUE OF LIFE.
Yes I have one. I wear a wristband which my mother gave me as a gift. I love wearing it. It is elegant and nice both.
yes, i have, i have a belt, a cap and scarf ( i dont use that) i usually use the belt when i go to the school, and the cap when the sun is raised
Yes, I do. I have got two pairs of gloves and I wear them theses days because it's winter in my country.
I'll go shopping tomorrow and will buy new bracelet and earrings, that matsch to the necklace I already have. I need also new gloves for autumn.
This topic to help me to do exercises and learn the words for some accessories.
I did not know the word "rucksack" I used to say "backpack"... Great lessons! I just got new glasses, I can see so much better now.
I liked too much these exercices I found them really enriching I learned many new words.
Today, I wear a nice red cap, I don't like to wear the hat jut when I go to the beaches. I wear nice green trousers with pocket and belt. I have stainless steel bracelet and necklace. Because is summer, I like to wear glasses.
I like wearing bracelet. I have stainless steel bracelet. It's colour is orange and grey.
i like wearing necklaces and bracelets so much. So i have them a lot. I have a nice necklace, that is my gift from my mother. She gave it to me when i left home for studying in Moscow. This is also the first time i live far from home.
I love using a blue rucksack, my parents said that when i was a child i really used to like using rucksacks to my school


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I wear a little accessories. Only a pair of glasses, a blue cap and a watch which my brother gived me at my 18th birthday.
I love bag so very much; few years ago I bought a new black polo bag. one day on my way back from a beauty salon to were I parked my car, I met two guys who helped me parked the car ; I left and arrived to shopping mall , where I supposed to meet my friends. I realised my bag was missing I searched everywhere in the car , the bag was nowhere to be find. I was so depress that day.
I usually wear glasses because my vision is not good enough. I also like to wear watches. So if someone of my friends or family wants to get me some gift, a beautiful brand watch will be a great idea!
I got a rucksack that my boyfriend gave me on my birthday, it was very pretty. I like it so much.
I don't like use accesorios but I need use my glasses because I have astigmatism. I really sad.
I have a beautiful bracelet , actually it is a gift from my girlfriend when we were studying at university
I have a lot accessories because I really like, and all day I wear earrings, bracelet, necklace, rings but my favorite are the wristwatch, I have several though always I wear . I never wear scarf because I*m very short and think that they do not fit me well.
when i was young, around 4 or 5 years old, I had earrings made by strings and i love it a lot. Now i no longer keep it, i became a teenager, my mother gave me a necklace but when i put it on my neck, i felt uncomfortable and allergic so i took it off until now. (Lol), at the present, i have no any accessories on my body
I wear only wedding ring and watch. I don’t like wearing accessory. Perhaps I always lose them. But accessory looks good on beautiful body. Especially necklace.
I have a belt which i was given by my father 2 years ago, it costs 5$ and made of leather, it is 1meter long and the shape of buckle is H which is the first letter of my name. I really love my belt and i will treasure it because it is my father’ present.