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A1 English level (elementary)

I often carry a tote bag, in which there are a purse, keys, glasses, mobile phone when I go out.

Which of these things do you carry when you go out?

when i go out i carry my purse where i put some money on it to spend my needs. and my keys, i put my bag also to carry my work tools.

I always carry an extra one pair of contact lenses and extra glasses.They are the most imortant things to me when I hang out.

When I go out I always carry a wallet, a ticket when I suppose to take public transport. I take with me my keys and my mobile phone is always in my briefcase or rucksack.

Previously, when I was worked i was carried bag with small purse , phone , glasses and key of the house also . Inside my bag i was Putting cream lotion for my dry skin to used after i wash to pray. I miss my collogues , but I am not back , I am searching new job .

I work with a computer every day and I need to wear glasses to avoid my eyes getting tired. I use a wallet to carry my money and credit cards. Sometimes I lose my keys and have to look for them around my house to be able to go out. I can not imagine my daily life without my smartphone. It is just like another part of my body.
I noticed I didn't have my card with me at the time of payment.... OMG.... I came back later. ;(
When i go out, I put a backpack on and sunglasses. Also, i carry my phone and never use wallets i don't know why?
I carry my mobile phone...., wait a minute, .... I think it's a smartphone. Which is which?? Do you guys know the difference??
I think the difference is that you can do more things with a smartphone than with a phone. A smartphone is like a computer that allows you to call somebody else among many other things such as sending messages or browsing the internet.
When I go out, I carry my wallet, purse, and my mobile phone. I'm a student so I don't need a briefcase.
When you go out, I take with me my laptop, my mobile phone, my wallet, my briefcase to keep my documents, my car keys, and especially my glasses I can't read without them.
When I go out to work I often carry several things.I carry a rucksack to store a notebook, a folder, pens, pencils, a wallet, a cell phone, house keys and glasses. I also carry a comb, toilet paper, a small mirror and some fruit in my backpack.
I don't carry neither a computer, a landline, nor a mobile phone. I carry a smartphone which includes an e-wallet. ;)
When I gout out, I usually, carry my mobile phone, my glasses, a wallet, a purse, and the keys.
When I go out I need lots of things in my bag. I have a wallet and a purse. I wear contact lense and I need glasses to read a brochure or a menu. I also have my mobile phone with me. Last but not least I need my car keys. So my bag is full of importent things.
thanks a lot... some people try to carry out some essentail things for example; mobile phone, identity card, wallet, purse, glasses ect... when they go out. , but when i go out for shoppings, work or go for reluxing, i always get my phone, wallet, and money.
When I got to work, I use my computer and my mobile phone. Usually I do not keep my wallet when I go out.
When i go out i would carry wallet and car keys to go for Work And definitely phone i will take it.
Now most of the things described in the lesson can replace a smartphone - this is a phone + computer + wallet + ticket + key + many more functions. I always carry it with me .
When I go out, I like to carry my phone and headphones, as well as my wallet and keys
I usually carry my glasses, my wallet and a backpack with my keys and my phone when I go out
When I go out, the most important thing that I take is my phone and purse. I always take my rucksack too. In this, there are my umbrella , water bottle and junk foods.
When I go out, I carry my phone, keys and purse. In my purse there are some cash, credit cards and backup home key. Becouse sometime I could forget my keys at work and I woudn't go in the house so I carry extra key in my purse. Also I carry a bottle of water, I drink alot of water and I don't want to buy water in plastic bottle because of ecological reasons. I don't like hearing stranger people's conversation, traffic voice etc. So I always take my earpiece with me for listening music or podcasts. Nowadays I bring napkins, hand sanitizer and sugical mask.
when i go out always carry phone as tool comunication and anticipation if somethink happened
if i wanted to go out, i would like to bring rucksack and put my mobile int omy pocket and wallet for credit card information.
I usually use a handbag to carry the things I need, money, the keys of my house, tissues, cards, my mobilephone, etc.


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When I go out, I always carry my wallet, my phone, my keys and my identification badge because I live in a dormitory.
When I go to the outside I take: - my wallet; - my mobile phone; - my sunny glasses (if I have sunny day)))))); - and my keys.
I always go out because I have to go to school (lol). When going out, the objects I carry is my rucksack including a lot of things like laptop, earphone, books, notebook, note, pen, pencil, face mask, keys, power bank, and particularly my cellphone
Hello Sir, I don't understand when we must to use THAT: For example two sentences bellow: - This is a bag that you put on your back. - This is a small suitcase we use to carry things for work. => Could we use THAT in the second one: This is a small suitcase THAT we use to carry things for work Thank you for your explain Ngoc

Hello Tran Ngoc

This is explained on our Relative clauses page -- see the section called Omitting the relative pronoun. Could you please have a look there? If you have any other questions after reading that, please don't hesitate to ask us again.

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

When I need to go out, I take my rucksack and put my mobile phone, house keys and wallet in it. I don't need a lot of stuff in my rucksack because I don't like to take too much with me.
It can depends for what reason I go out. If I just go out to walk or to go to the market for example, I just bring my mobile phone, keys and my wallet. If I go out to work, I carry in additional my briefcase which contains my laptop, my glasses and my papers work.
When am going out I carry the following: - Mobile phone. - Wallet. - Rucksack and - Keys.
I usually wear keys at home, the car keys, computer in the briefcase, my wallet everydays, purse too, my phone it is very important.