Living rooms

What do you call the object that we use to control the TV? Learn this and other words for things you find in a living room by doing these exercises.

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A2 English level (pre-intermediate)

My living room has a narrow wooden couch. I often lie on it to read a book, listen to an audio book or take a nap in the afternoon. I also often sit on it to eat something, stitch, do handmade things...
Perhaps it is me who spends the most time there.

To mull this question over recently and I think I scarcely stay in living room because my wife and my daughter are fond of watching Korean-made drama and K-pop. Fortunely I can use my i-pad for internet browsing and watching movies.

often , I watch T V with my husband, Take a lunch, But most to time I hav a corner beside the sofa there is has a chair ,desk and lab top also.

I usually watch TV in the living room, I usually sit on the sofa there. I spend most of my time there.
i usually watch TV and rest and call phone and read books in living room. i spend most of the time in it.
Living room is my favourite place in my house. My whole family member spend a lot of times there. For example watch the TV and discuss about random things. It's such an interesting place hihi
I spend the most time in the living room with my baby. We do lots of things there, we play, we eat at a dining table that I couldn't put anywhere else so I put it in the living room, as it is the only room where it fits. Even when my baby is tired, he takes a nap there on a convertible sofa. Well, I'm not fond of watching TV so I rarely turn it on when my husband is at work.
Usually in the living room I watch movies on TV, I rest, I have a plant, a picture


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I am occasionally in the living room. I am there due to my family meeting. I frequently see my dad there. He always watch TV or read newspaper in the living room.
yes I do spend my most time in the living room, because it is more spacious, more comfortable and cooler than other rooms. When I am in the living room, I just sit down somewhere and turn on my computer and go to youtube and listen to music, sometimes I will do my homework,....
I sit on an armchair to watch TV with remote control, watch film using video player, listen to radio and enter visitors. The man and also children.
As my flat is one room living with just a separate kitchen, I do many things in my living room that is also my bedroom. I have a large TV but I don't use it, or when I use it it's only to connect it to my laptop with HDMI cable. I also have a sofa that I can transform in double bed and a large table that I use to lunch or dinner but also as a desk to work and write. Most of the time I work on the desk with my computer or on papers, I watch films or football matchs (but no more competitions since the Covid appear in France), and of course I eat and I also dry my clothes there. I live alone, so it's me.
I usually in the living room, watch TV, eat food and talk to my family. my father and mother spend the most time in the living room.
I usually have dinner and watch TV in the living room but i spend more time in my room or in the garden. Anyway, when my friends visit me, we stay there. My mom stays all the time in the living room
The living room is my favorite place in the house, so I always spend a lot of time there. In general, I like to do things like read books or magazines, watch TV, do my homework, and use the computer.
I use my leaving room to most activity e.g. I work there, sleep and rest, I also eat there and use for entertainment.
I usually watch TV there in the living room and my father always sit in the living room.
I usually watch TV and programs in the living room. Also I take my lunch and my dinner there. My husband spends the most of times in the living room watching TV and playing games.
i lie down in front of TV on the sofa and put my head in cushion .most time i listen to music but often time i take remote control in my right hand and see one by one TV channel
I usually watch TV in the living room. But my father is the person who spend the most time there.
I usually watch TV, read books and have a nap lying down on a sofa in the living room.( ´O` ) ~.。o。゚
Hello, I usually watch TV on living room, I watch Netflix with my friends and family. I often use the notebook and watch TV at the same time too.
Every room inside is filled With things from far away The special things I compile Each one there to make you smile On a rainy day ( ๑॔˃̶◡ ˂̶๑॓)◞♡
In my living room there is a TV with a Video Player. My sister's boyfriend spend a lot of time in there. He is who most spend the time in the living room.
I usually watch TV .Me and my family sit together and we talk about news.My sister plays telephone.Sometimes I do my homework..
When my friends come I use this room. We have a meal or drink there or watch TV, and sit on the sofa and talk together. Except this, I usually spend my time in my bedroom; I have enough facility there to be comfortable.
I usually have lunch and eat dinner in the living room, and ocassionally I use it to have reunions with friends or relatives. My mother spend a lot of time there when she paints.