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What's the difference between a 'crossing' and a 'crossroads'? Do these exercises to help learn words for the things around your town and find out!

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I am staying in an apartment with my parents in a city. Many years ago, there were no traffic lights on the crossroads infront of our apartment. The traffic condition in this area was very bad especially in the morning when everyone was rushing to go to work. In addition, the street lights were in the poor stage where most of the bulbs were damaged . Consequently, pedestrians were at risk and there were many reported accidents especially at night. Last year, local council decided to put roundabout at the end of the road , traffic lights at the crossroads and crossings on the roads for the pedestrians. These have tremendously addressed the traffic problems. Furthermore, the road is furnished with new street lights and pavement. Hence, it is safer for pedestrians to cross the road now.
In my country, there are usually traffic jams at rush hour. Because we lack traffic lights, crossing, roundabout and etc. We can't find out the solution for traffic problems.
what are the traffic problems in your country, no body can solve them, so we have to think again and make more studies in order to live in the green cites without complected transportation methods.
The pavement of my street is too narrow. two people can not walk in this pavement at the same time , we have to walk at the street if there are not a cars .
I can see near my home crossings, traffic lights, street lights, squares, bus stops, roundabouts, pavement and crossroads. I live in the city centre so I don´t see roads and traffic.
Every day walk on the pavement of the street and cross another side of the road on a crossing place after sure is green on the traffic lights to go to work.
There is a crossing near my home which I offen cross it, the cars give ways to people as there is no traffic light.
I can see none of them from where I live, but there is a bus stop near my home and corners are all around. ⸜( ‘ ᵕ ‘ )⸝⸜
My apartment is near the road which is very busy in peak hours everyday. there is a crossroad on one side and a roundabout no the other side. furthermore, a bus stop is only a few minuets walk from my flat, which is very convenient.
Right now, I'm living a hostile in my university. So, I can't see traffic lights, sign posts, crossroads, crossing and etc but I see street lights in a side the streets in the university.
In our country, there are more traffic lights than roundabouts. And then, we can see street lights in the middle of the roads or on sides of the streets.
Near my home, there is a crossroad. After a few meters, There are crossing, signposts, bus stops, traffic, etc. The pavements in the city I live arent wide enough.
I'm living in a village,so,no traffic lights there or roundabouts,there is just crossroads and crossings.
I'm leaving in a busy city which has a terrible traffic. Although there are traffic lights at corner, people here don't follow. Some people always try to drive as fast as they can when the traffic lights turning yellow, even though when it turns red. It seems more terrible than at crossroads with not clearly signposts. Especially, It's truly a chaotic traffic at the rush hour. On pavements, citizens use for their personal purpose such as parking, selling food, no where for walking. Almost people have to walk on the roads. I wish the government finds out efficiently solutions to solve this problem soon.
I have seen many of these things near my home such as signposts, traffic lights, crossings, streetlights, pavements and a roundabout.
Near my home, there are roads, crossroads, crossings, traffic lights, street lights, pavements, and a square.
Hello. Near my house has a road and a corner. The children like to drive on a bicycle on the corner.
while driving from my home to outside, I used to to take one of two roads. Both of them I have to go through a roundabout inside the community for exit to the gate to another roundabout in the main road.After that I can take the first exit to take the first road or drive like 7KM then take the exit to be in the second one.
I can see lots of these things near my home. In my home area are crossings, traffic lights, bus stops, a round about and at least the central market place where I often meet friends to eat some icecream or drink a coffee.
i live in karaj which is a one cities of IRAN and near to Tehran. there are many traffic lights, crossroads, streets, signposts and etc. i love Karaj . Karaj is beautiful though the city is crowded is like Tehran.
I live in a big city, it is very crowded, there are a lot of traffic here, The weather and beverage water are polluted, 12 million people live in my city, They have different jobs. engineer, doctor, businessman,building painter, sweeper ,tailor,plumber ,.. there are many traffic lights, roundabouts, crossing , pavement, i should had strong nerves for live in this city.
I live in Tehran which is a crowded city. Like other cities, it has lots of traffic lights, street lights, and also signposts. But, there is less roundabouts and more crossroads in Tehran comparing other cities that I have seen. In addition, drivers have a bad attitude that they usually neglect crossings which make people annoy when they need cross a street or junction.
Near my house, I can see crossings, corners, roundabouts, bus stops, street lights, roads, ... I'm living in a suburb of Brussels.
I am a French-speaking guy. In this lesson, there is a fearfull false friend: in French, a square is a kind of a little park with some bench and some trees. When I was a child, I played ball there because it was strictly forbidden playing football.
1. My friend and I offen meet in the town square. 2. In the city, street lights offen are located on street corners 3. In some citis, riding a bicycle on the pavement is prohibited 4. I got lost because there was signpost at the crossroads
İn uk, roundabout is usually shown by signs written on the pavement without using wall on the contrary to my country. Traffic lights is standard in All ower the World although signposts could vary.
The first thing that I see is a roundabout, than an acrossing and finally a square. Where I live there aren't traffic lights, it's a very small town. We have three or four bus stops. All of ours streets have streetlights, signpost and pavement.
I can see squares, traffic lights, streets, street lights, pavements, cross roads, corners, bus stops and crossings
I live in a quiet place and can see none of these things except corners around the house. |・_・)ノ
Hi every one where i live you can see roads , street lights, traffic lights , crossing and threre is no signposts or roundabouts
I live in Beijing, the capital of China, that is crowed city. So I can see crossings, roundabouts, roads, traffic lights everywhere. When i go to work on foot, i need to cross several crossing by the traffic lights.
Where I live there are roads, traffic lights, street lights, pavement, crossing... Lol I think all of then, fewer roundabouts because almost always they are in country roads.
Hello everyone!! I live near a bus stop and I can see traffic light,a crossing and crossroads.
The sea, the tip of a peninsula, the sky, clouds, sunshine.... hopefully! ♪₍๐•ᴗ•๐₎
My house is next to the road which buses, lorries, motobikes drive on. There is no pavement for walker, no traffic light, few street lights, some signposts, walkers have to run as fast as possible if they need crossing. Many crossroads without traffic lights and a dangerous roundabout where no street light, no signpost, there was a lot of accidents. The Goverment is building a square.
Our family lives in a small town with a lot of grafic squares. There are also streets with traffic lights so the cars, people and the bicycles are safe.
There are many traffi lights, crossing, crossroad and pavements in my country. Especially big cities have most of traffic on rush hour. We always stop and give way to people on crossing.
In my home town normally people walk on pavements, roundabouts are not so many as crossroads and crossings. Some crossroads have traffic lights and others do not have. each street is equipped with street light. We do not have a large square where people can meet.
I can see none of these things but can see birds on tall trees near home. ꒰•‧̫•ू꒱