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Hi everyone!

I love going to the beach, being there very early in the morning, jogging along the coast and then swiming on the fresh water. After this, you are ready for the day.

I went to the beach several times. I do not have many moves on the beach. I just like most to sit by the beach to catch the fresh wind and look at people, the blue sea and sky.

When I go to the beach , I always bring a big tower to lay on the sand . I also wear sunglasses to cover my eyes from the sun .

I like go to the beach of Black Sea. The water is warm and the sand is very small. Last year, I was in Mamaia, the pearl of Black Sea.

My aunt has a beach house, so we go there for weekends and holidays. Our favorite part of going to the beach is when we play volleyball, we make some bets and the winning team members earn that money. We go there to enjoy the time and, of course, we can't let out the food. I can't wait to go again!

Yes, I do like to go to the beach, I definitely do. To say more, I prefer a lazy vacation when I can lay down all day long, swim and enjoy my cocktail. However, I have three children and I can't stay all the time on the beach without playing with them. I'm looking up to my husband who is very active and can't stay at one place for a long time. I'm glad I have him.

i don't like to go to the beach, because they connect the sewage pipes to the sea without any treatment, if you go there you will suffocate from the odor

I really love sea view. I remember the last time at the beach two year ago with my family.May be one day, i can go there and feel, breath and relex.

As a well known resort and beautiful city Blackpool, where my friends and me visited a couple week before. We couldn’t see the beach because it was dark. But, when we arrived in the Main Street, it’s much amazing that many illuminating things and bright decorations along with the roads.
In the next morning, it’s a sunny day, so we had a long walk along with the beach, I was so exiting due to I found a very long, huge beach because the tide ebbed away.
At the end of the day, I’d say it’s a nice and a deep impression holiday.

Last year when I gone to the beach I had forgotten the sun cream to take by me. About one hour I lie on the chaise longue and I had slept. Then after I woke up my skin had burnt very seriously. Immediately I run to the First Aid Centre and asked help from the doctor. Never forget to take sun cream by you when you go for holiday.
Yes I went to London beach . I like it very much to walking with bare feet on the sand and traveling in the boat.
I was born in a village fifteen kilometres from the sea and I was going to the seaside, in a villa, with my relatives all the summers. Then, when the beach house had become a ruin, we were going to the seaside by car. I like above take a swim and read a book relaxed on a lounger.
Yes,of course.I have been there when I was young.At that time,I was really afraid of water but I had fun there.I really love the scenery and I can’t forget the taste and freshness of seafood.After Covid-19,I will go to Chaungtha beach and feel the soft breeze again.
I've never been to a beach. I'm afraid of water so I rarely go near lakes or seas. But I want to overcome my fear and have fun like other kids.
I haven't been there for a long time. l love the view of the sea. Sometimes I enjoy swimming in it. Sometimes I enjoy sitting on the shore and just relax. It looks like it's psychological therapy. The sea takes our sadness, our uneasy periods, our fears and throws it away. I always go to the beach with my beach bag. It holds my sunglasses, my sun cream and my towel.
I haven't been there for a long time. l love the view of the sea. Sometimes I enjoy swimming in it. Sometimes I enjoy sitting on the shore and just relax. It looks like it's psychological therapy. The sea takes our sadness, our uneasy periods, our fears and throws it away. I always go to the beach with my beach bag. It holds my sunglasses, my sun cream and my towel.
I haven't been to the beach for ages. I don't even remember when was the last time I went there. However, I really like going there. The most things I did are that playing in the wave and floating my body by holding my breath. I always had a good time whenever I went.
yes, i do really love going to the beach, i will play with the wave, sand, laydown , collected the shell, and i never forget to take a pict :)
I'm going to the beach more or less. I only want to go to the beach in summer, because it is too hot but not in winter because its too cold. I only have go to the beach when I move to Mallorca in summer's holidays because my primary home its so long to the coast, so I move to another location, as a island, for example. By the way, I had gone to the beach two or three times, no more. I like swimming in the water and make sand castles, or cave a grave to introduce the half of myself in there.
I really like going to the beach. About 2years ago,I went to the beach with my family this is the last time of going to the beach. I dont get chance to go to the beach in these days because of this phandemic.After this phandemic ,first thing I would do is going to the beach and hiking to the mountain.
one time i have been to the beach i really can't remember what happened since it was 3 or 4 years ago
I like to go the beach to relax: lying down under filao trees, listening to waves' sound and breathing fresh air. It's meditating and healthy. Apart from that, I love going at rocky beaches, to walk on the rocks but the most amazing one, to lie on and observe the marine creatures fish, crabs, sea urchins and corals. It's so wonderful that I wish to have a mermaid tail and discover only the beauty of the ocean.
Indeed I love going to the beach in summer. I like sitting in the water and playing with the sand for i can't swim. I like looking over the waters and feeling the freshness of the air on my face. It's equally so appeasing hearing the sounds produced by the wind on the waters. Its also so awesome watching the sunset on the sea. I will also walk along the beach collecting beautiful stones and shell for decoration in my home. But during winter ,it's beneficial to go to the beach in winter to help breathe in fresh air from the sea which is good at doing away with many deaseses.
I don't like going to the beach very much because of the heat, but what I do when I go is put on a lot of sunscreen and go into the sea.
Yes, I go. I like doing swimming and building sandcastle, but my like swimming pool and aqua park so iam go to the beach by myself and interesting alone
I love going to the beach. If I were a wealthy woman, I would buy a beautiful house near the beach. I wish I could go there everyday even for a few minutes just to see the sea and that wonderful smell of the sea water makes me breathe better. What I like to do there, well, everything, especially swimming and playing in the waves. I like to play in the sand too. When I was a child, I used to play a game with other children of my family, we burried our bodies in sand, we never wondered whether it was dangerous or not, simply because we didn't have time to worry. Now, I'm an adult and kind of shy in my everyday life, but when I go to the beach, I try to make the most of it, I enjoy every single moment and honestly, I don't even care what people think of what I'm doing, I feel like a child again.
I do like going to the beach. When I was younger, it was only for play in water with my brother. Now I like it as well but also lie down on the sand, walk along the beach, watch the sea and take fresh air. Now, I can't go to the beach when it is to busy.
Actually, I don't like sunbathing or swimming. But I think it's a good idea to spend time in a resort in summer.
I go to the beach every summer with my family, stay at a hotel. Every year we spent a week for on holiday. During the holiday we get up early, have a quick breakfast and go to the beach until noon. Then we have lunch and some nap. After that we go for a walk and have dinner.
To be honest, I don't like going to the beach. Although there are many kinds of beaches in the town where I live, I am not going. Instead, I would prefer to go to peaceful and calm places for example forests, or mountains. I think it would be perfect to play some outdoor games or have a picnic in the bosom of nature.
I enjoy travel abroad, usually it is Turkey. I adore time when I laying on the beach. The most essential my things are sun cream, sun glasses, sun hat and towel.
as for me, I prefer to go to the mountain than beach. But I am used to go to the beach one times (lol) - the thing I like to do best is, walk along the sand road of the beach especially with my family or my friends to share and talk together, when I see someone sells ice cream or something, get there and buy >
I like yo travel a lot in vacation with my family, I prefer to be lie in a towel infrot to the sea, my childs prefer to get in pool and try divings, however I enjoy to te view, and I like so much the night life, to go the bar outodors feeling the weather, cause all the peoples are happy, the food its nice and diferents dish an flavors, even so, I try to diferents beach in Mexico, and the last year I have the oportunite to visted aisland father in Texas EUA Regards.
Going to the beach is one of the things that i want to do. Does'nt matter the season, if it's in winter or in summer. The most important for me that the weather is mild and good. For exemple, in winter, i go the beach put my sunglasses, lie on the sand, enjoy the sound of waves and have a picnic. While the summer have another charm, i bring my sun cream, my sun hat and my towel to swim and have a sunbathes .
I live on an island surround by beaches. However; I am not going to beaches. In case, I go I just swim and have a good time with my friends and or families.
I prefer swimming in the sea to walking and lying on the beach, cuz I don't like sand clinging to skin... (/ω\)
Since i live in center of country. so there is no any beach here. To enjoy the beaches, one has to go in coastal areas. Which is too far from my city. but fortunately, two months ago i got a chance to visit the Goa city full of beaches. Every year tourist from all over the world came here to enjoy. because i do not know surfing, i took a ride on boat along with my friends. we had sun bath, made sand castle and had some pictures so that it can remind us this perfect moment. first time i had tasted seafood. I enjoyed that trip to the fullest.
There are many beachs in my country. Water is so clean and cool. I often go to the sea in the summer afternoon with my friend to shower and see sunset. These make me feel comfortable and peaceful. especially, i also like making sandcastle and playing. At that time, i was happy like the children
I can go only in summer vacation because we have not sea or ocean. This summer I have been in Montenegro, i like it very much. I saw how people catch octopus, crab and sold on the beach.
unfotunitly, we don't have sea in my country, but there are many lakes, that lakes are as big as the sea , it has beach also , the last picnic I went there spent all day, and I sleep there with my brothers and Uncle and friend, we fishing and play and took photos, it was amazing picnic, there was some difficult things facing us , but it were fun
I enjoy going out and visit beach especially when it is sunny. My favorite beach is Santa Monica beach. There is so many things to do for everyone regardless of their age limit. I love to watch stunning view of sunset from the pier. This beach is famous for its cleanliness and surfing. Every weekend surfers from all around the city come and do different stunt on the wave. It is absolutely different feeling when you see children making sandcastle and playing in water. There is so many restaurants which serve authentic dishes from different cultures. Finding parking for the car is usually not a problem unless it is weekend or public holidays. However, many public transport authority offers buses from every corner of city which is very convenient and eco friendly way to travel. I reminds me about my childhood. Thanks to the city for maintaining its beauty and popularity.
Do you go to the beach? If so, what do you like to do there? going to the beach is one of my favorite activites, i do all kind of stuff when i am there , swimming , lie on the sun for 2 or 3 hours , building sandcastles (when i was kid :)).