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Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


Nivel de idioma

Pre-intermediate: A2


It is sad because I usually lose my important things and accessories, but right now I have a necklace that I love, it was a gift from me to me.

my special accessory that I have is a shirt that my brother gave me that I use a soccer jersey as a child

If I have a sports lock that my mother and grandmother gave me and I am very fond of it

Yes I have one that my boyfriend has brought it to me since 2003

I am a nun, so that I don't have earrings or necklace. But I usually wear my Institution's simple in front of check. I also have a watch, it is useful for me.

Let me see. My hat can be. I have this accessory much time is special because my father gives me for my birthday.

My favorite accessory is a cap my dad gave me and it's very valuable

I liked this lesson! He was very helpful!

I have a lot of accessories that I really love it. They all are very special for me because they are attached with different memory .They are earrings, scarf,cellphone cap etc.

I have mobile phone
And i am learning through My mobile phone so i can say that i am not wasting my time