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Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


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Pre-intermediate: A2


I happened to get a bracelet from my mum when I was a kid. It a special one in some way cause it was brought from Japan, it's a magnetic loop that is used to gain a blood circulation in the field of your neck and improve your health condition, you know, to make you vigorous and energetic pretending being sleepy. I've been wearing it for ages and it's a really special in some way as I said before but for the second reason of there's nobody here to have something similar.

I am learning a lot

I like wear earrings in my every day life. I think that it is more interesting and pleasant accessories.
Also, early I liked rucksacks, but now I prefer wear bags, because rucksacks is boring for me and i think that it is oldfashion now, in addition, bags is more elegant. I think about different bags, about its forms and colors. And dream about someone, wich will be ideal for me. Short time ago I had talk with my friend about bags, and she told that now all people prefer rucksacks, and bags no need anyone. I was very surprised and thougt that it is interesting, that different people have defferent minds.

I love earrings and necklace because my mother is gift to me.

My favorite accessesory is my phone.

Was a nice Practice. I recommend to show the correct answer, I can not see it.

Hello alan.velasquez,

After you finish the task you can choose the button 'Finish' at the bottom. After clicking this, you can choose 'Show answers' to see how you did and look at the correct answers.



The LearnEnglish Team

I love bracelets

are the all words is Accessories part is these 12 item????

Hello foad reza,

All of these items are examples of accessories. There are more than just twelve, of course, but we provide a selection of the most common words in this category.



The LearnEnglish Team