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Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


Nivel de idioma

Pre-intermediate: A2


First of all I also must say thank you for this website, is awesome! I think the best English course, very useful and contained all what we need to learn English. An special accesory are my glasses, Before I used contacts lens those are also special. Another special accesory for me is a racksuck through I can carry all necessary things.

Thanks a lot to British council to help us learn English through your website.

thank you you make learning so awesome

this website is very useful to learn

I always use glasses to help me to see better

Hello! I have a nice bracelet made of leather which I got it from my husband. I always wear this bracelet.

and thank you so much for the man who do this websit.

this course was excellent and I learn some new worlds because I am Arabic man

I always bring my rucksack as going out because it is very convenient for carrying things. For example, in winter I usually put my scarf, hat and gloves or even a light jacket in it.

I sometimes were a scarf when it's cold