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Do the exercises and learn the words for some common actions.


Language level

Beginner: A1


I like to eat sweet things, And like to sleep early, I like to speak with people and listen, smile to many people. Because I’m a friendly.

I do listen,speak,sleep,eat,type,look,touch,read everyday and i slime and cry sometimes,also I don't draw at all and i hate drawing

I obviously eat and sleep, but also read, speak and write every day, because that is what I usually do at work.
Also, I listen to the radio when I have breakfast in the morning.
I do not cry quite often unless I have a really big and sad problem. On the other hand, I try to smile every day.

Hi everyone, I don’t know the topic that we talk about, but according what I read in your comments, I think is about verbs we’ve just learned. So, what I can say about me is: I am not talkative, but I like listen to other people. I love eating sweet things. I sleep eight hours a day. People don’t understand why I smile a lot. I am just happy.

I obviously speak every day. I also read and write every single day.

sleep, lie down, walk, yawn, stretch out...

Hi, everyone.
I often do a lot of action from waking up to getting into bed. While working I enjoy listening music and write notes from my work. When I work ends I read a good book and type some notes on my computer, after then I eat some dessert, at the same time touch my cellphone for searching some funny videos and smile meantime.

I wrote a letter to my colleagues that I will not listen to the audio that they sent to me yesterday. I have not brought my headphone. So I cannot listen to it. On the other hand, I thanked them because they correctly drew the map and I found the address after looking at it. Yesterday I read a piece of news for them and some of my colleagues wrote in their notebook. The news was humorous and they smiled. One of my colleagues told us news about the situation of COVID19 in India and another of my coworker cried. We usually type good news on the computer and after printing it, we all speak about it. Finally, we ate sandwiches on our way home and said goodbye to everyone.

I can do crying, writing and eating at the same time. When I am sad I don't usually speak with other people, I though and though about this sad thing and then cry, eat and then I write it down to my phone memo. The actions I do most days are eating, sleeping and touching my phone... ha ha

I look, I cry, I watch, I listen