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Do the exercises and learn the words for some common actions.


Nivel de idioma

Beginner: A1


I can at the same time do how to write, listen and type

I know the most part of these words, except for type. I type really often on the touch screen of my smartphone


I learn 12 kind of actions in a day or more specially do the exercises and learn the words for some common actions.

Thanks for the activities are necessary for me

I do some actions at the same time like read, listen, speak when i studying. However, everyday i used all of the actions except crying at some point.

i can look on the screen and type at the same time, or listen and write. I usually write and type most days. I like listening to music and writing anything.

I can type, look and listen at the same time when I learn English. Besides I often walk, listen, look and speak at the same time when I walk with my friend in the park in the morning in the most days.

At my work place I can type , read , speak and listen at same time.

I used to be good at multi-tasking. But nowadays, I would prefer mono-tasking to multi-one which sometimes makes me feel irritated!