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Do the exercises and learn the words for some common actions.


Nivel de idioma

Beginner: A1


I can do many actions at the same time. An example, I can touch on my keyboard while I am thinking about the girl that I love most, and smiling.

Work is really exciting when I listen to music; it makes me happy and feels good. Usually, I eat my lunch while watching a TV or speaking with my friends.

I can cry, cry and cry at the same time.
Who makes me cry? I don't want be cried anymore.
Cause I am gonna need a well
To catch the pain and lift the spell
Like you won’t hear me
Can you try and hear me?
Before I cry...
(இдஇ; )

I can do 3 actions at the same time; look, write or type and speak.
And I run every evening these days.

I usually speak, listen, and write at the same time because I'm a teacher.

I can touch during smile, type, read. I sleep at night and I do all other action all day

hanks good practice

I wash something every day.
I thank someone/something every day.

I usually type and look at the same time. I speak, listen,eat and sleep every day.
I try to smile most days.

What's the difference between 'action', 'conduct' and 'behavior'? Can anyone teach me?