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Do the exercises and learn the words for some common actions.


Nivel de idioma

Beginner: A1


i can work and listen to music at the same time

I can touchscreen, smile,listen to music at the same time.

I can listen to music and write my homeworks at the same time . :))

HI, I'm Nideen I can type on my computer while listening to some of my favourite songs. I can't speak while I am eating it's impolite.

I can do a lot of action at the same time , for example typing on the keyboard while listening to my favorite music .Also I speak to my friends while eating but when reading i can not do anything else that break my focus

I can't act different things at the same time when my sleep is deprived...

I can do a lot of these action at the same time
I can smile when i drawing by my right hand , eat with another hand (the left hand) what else can i do? Maybe listen to some podcast and speak to my mum
I can do a lot of thing , can’t i?
Erm most of the day i do some actions else clean my room running in the morning and some stuff
Thank u for this exercise

Every day, I usually get up at 6 a.m, I like eating some bread with milk for breakfast, then I go to work. I must use computer very much and my hand usually type on the keyboard, I usually look for information on the internet. Every day, I must write many reports and read many documents about drugs. when I have free time, I often listen to music and speak with my colleague. Besides, we have a break time at noon, and I usually sleep about 30 minutes to load more energy. In the evening, after the dinner, I often watch TV with my family, when I watch a touching film, I can smile or cry with movie characters. At the end of the day, I usually prepare documentary for the following day in my own room and go to bed before 11 p.m.

Hi, guys, it's amazing to have this web site, I love listen to music, and my favorite hobbies are to learn new things and be in touch with my family and friends.


I can listen to music and read a book at the same time. In addition, I can listen to music and write or type at the same moment.