Do the exercises and learn the words for some common actions.


Nivel de idioma

Beginner: A1


I can read a terxt, type an email, touch the keyboard, and look throught the window.
Every day I listen, look, speak, touch, write, read, smile and sleep.
I don't draw because I'm not good at doing it and fortunaly I don't cry frequently.

Despite speaking when you are eating it's a very easy combination, people forget that it is not a polite behavior hhh...

I can look at, listen, eat and write at the same time. I read the news, touch my mobile phone, sleep at night and do exercise in the morning most days.

Almost the actions can do in the same time I think

there are lot of action we can do at the same time we can hear something while we are eating food also touch the food and look at the plate or somewhere else but some action are unique as at the time of sleep we can't do anything else.

i type and smile at the same time

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I can listen, look and eat, look, smile at the same time. Other actions are also used as combined but not often.

Eat,read, speak, write, sleep, draw are irregular and look, smile listen, touch, type are regular verbs

I am type and listen music.