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Do the exercises and learn the words for some common actions.


Nivel de idioma

Beginner: A1


I can do defferent things at the same time, for example I can type when i am listening to music or drink.

I can eat while i'm reading or listening to music.and I can type while speaking. Also smiling is an action that we can do while doing alot of other actions.

Other actions i do are doing sports,dancing and watching movies.

I do typing and listening to music at the same time.I do reading,writing and sleeping for the most day.

I think i can do listening and writing do at a time. Mostly i will do Type while i drink and eat.

Many of them , i can typing and speaking, drawing and smiling also speaking and touching my phone

Sometimes we can do two action at the same time , such as writing and listening to songs but doing two things at the same time distract our attention

Some actions can be done at the same time like you can eat while speaking or drinking, writing while you are listening music, reading while you are listening to some one.
technologies are making things easier as we are using hand held devices we can do many things at the same time.

Hello everyone!ican do every one at same time ,but I didn’t like crying,but ilove draw in my free time.

I can type and look on the screen at the same time. I type and listen to music all day because I work with the computer.

The most common actions than can done throughout our daily activities can be done together for example while doing while typing in touch screen or computer applications you can talk through phone. in school or college we need to to write notes while listening to lecturer or draw while listening music ...etc.
in some circumstances we need to focus on that particular action only like you cannot read news paper while driving definitely you will might cause accident.