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Do the exercises and learn the words for some common actions.


Nivel de idioma

Beginner: A1


at the moment, I am listening to music, writing this comment and speaking to my annoying friend simultaneously, I actually listen to music not to hear my friend talking on his phone.

At the mooring, I look to the sea, i write on the window glass " New Day",I listen to the wave sound, I touch the water and cry I'm A live then speak to my kids harry up to school.

good task

Seeing is believeing, I can take in nformation through the five senses.

I lie on the bed or a sofa while reading books and watching telly.

I can listen music and write at the same time. Everyday I running and to do bodybuilding.

I don't like to do a lot of things at the same time. I do a lot of walk, yoga, phone call.

I can listen to music and eat

at the same time, I can type, listen, look and smile. for example, if my boss need a letter, he can dictates it to me while I'm writing. so I smile, listen to him by typing the test on my computer.
some days I read books, watch television, and every evening I sleep.

In these days, actions that I most do are sleep, type, read and write. In some free times, I do listen to music. We can draw something and listen at the same time.