Do these exercises to learn the names of colours.

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I don't have favorite color.But it depends on my mind sometime I like light green and white.When I have stress and under pressure I like red.I feel fresh I like crazy color.

My favourire colour is blue, I prefer dark blue instead of light blue because it is more luxurious.

My favorite colure is white and grey. But i like all the colure black , green , dark blue , orang , pink , yellow ... etc.

My favourite colours black, blue,purple , white, orange, navy blue, red, yellow, light green. I love all colours.
My favorite color is black meanwhile red is my second favorite and white is the third. Actually, there aren't any colors that I don't like.
My favourite colours are green, blue and purple. For my part I prefer the wine colou, I use in clothes especially.
my favorite colors are black, white, and grey but that doesn't mean i don't like the other colors
My favourite colour is red. All my little staffs are red, fox example my bluetooth speaker, drip mat, key chane, lighter... Because the colour of red seems to me very coluorfull and lively. When I see red things around me, my mood rise.
my favorite colors are black,white,and grey.usually i too wear clothes in that colors
Recently I hear a variety of charming ways to express the names of colors. For example, I sometimes hear "olive green", "avocado green", "mint green", "lime green", or "sermon pink", "passion pink", "rose pink"...etc... ;)
my favorite colors are blue, yellow, purple...But my clothes often have black, white, because they are very basic to wear.
I don't have a favourite colour. Natural colours like the green colour of the trees or the blue of the sky and sea. I'm crazy about nature, If I had the choice of living in the countryside, I wouldn't hesitate!
It depends on my mood. When I am happy, I like bright colors such as red, white and orange. When I am unhappy, I like dark colors such as blue and black.
hhh It really depends on my mood, in the past time I really like black and white colors because these are so basic but at the present, I like orange a lot, I don't know the reason why lol