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Do these exercises to learn the names of colours.


Nivel de idioma

Beginner: A1


well, my favorite color is violet although i like the other colors such as yellow ,green,orange and blue , too ,i like it blue sky and green of leaves orange .

My favourist color is White. So i bought a lot of things what have white color. such as clothes, shoes, hat... It makes me younger and more beatiful. the white is used very much, especcally uniform in schools, banks, companies

my favourite colors is brown and pink

I love red, I think it will bring luck to me. I have red shoes, a red cap, a red coat, and other things have also red color

My favourite colors are dark green and dark blue.

Hello, my favourite colours are green and white

my favourite colour is golden
I hate green colour but I like white and black.

I don't like bright colours like red colour.
I like dark colours better. My favorite colour is black.

Hi everbody again,
My favourite colour is blue Because of this I like to sea .My cltohes are blue ,
My shoes are blue. I can paint to blue my body if it can possible.:)

My favourite colours are white, red and pink.