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Do these exercises to learn the names of some drinks.


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Beginner: A1


i drink coffee because its my favorite. in my country most of the people love to drink tea.

There are many people drink wine and beer in my country. I think that is not a good habit. My country's weather is very hot, so people used to add ice cubes into their drinks. I enjoy hot chocolate

Bear, oops, beer!

Liked it :)

Where I live people like drinking beer a lot, in parties, football matches, in discos or even during mealtime. Of course, they also like other drinks but beer consumption is quite high in this country. My favourite drinks are freshly squeezed juices and teas.

in my country morroco people drinks a lot of tea , for me i prefer coffee and juice of fruits

Where I live people love drinking beer and alcohol a lot, but I don't like them. They are bad for me. Besides people also love coffee and there are many kinds for you to choose. I am too and I drink coffee every morning.

I prefer to drink a cup of coffee in the morning because this drink help my wake up)))
I prefer to drink red wine when I eat meet.
When it's cold at outside I like drink a hot chocolate or a cup of tea.
I drink a lot of water every day.

People in my country drink tea. and my favorite drink is juice with orages.

In my opinion, people in my country really like to drink coffee because they drink it every time and everywhere. When getting up, they drink a cup of coffee for a new day and make them awake. When going to the coffee shop, they choose coffee, I think it is a popular drink in my country. And even in the evening also is coffee coffee, because it make them awake to work.
As for me, of course, I like coffee too, especially instant coffee, I don't know the reason why I like it so much, just pour the boil water into available coffee power and maybe add some ice and enjoy it. Really good >,<