Learn words for some farm animals and pets by doing these exercises.


Nivel de idioma

Pre-intermediate: A2


yes, I m a take care of the dog, I have seen all these animals many times.

I don't have animal at my home. But I have a cat some time ago, I loved to take care of him and did it with pleasure!

My parents have a farm and there we have horses, cows and of course dogs and cats. we love these animals.

NO, i dont but i saw all of these animals except pig.

no i do;t take care of any of these animals

Hello everybody! When My daughter was child (small) I bought dog? she was very happy. She feed him, wash him etc, She was doing it not much time))) about 1 or 2 weeks)) Then I began do it.

Currently, I have a dog and a cat

In the past, I had rabbits and chickens

And living in the countryside, I have already seen all these animals

When I was a boy we had cats and dogs at home and my father took care of the goats to get milk, but now we do not take care of any animals. I have seen all these animals at home or on farms.

Hi. I had many cats and two dogs.

I have a little dog and I love her. Her name is Sandy. I love dogs, if I could, I would have more. And I already saw all these animals.