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Fruit 1

Do these exercises and learn words for some common fruits.


Nivel de idioma

Pre-intermediate: A2


I eat fruit everyday. My favourite fruits are grape,pear, strawberry and apple.

I eat all the fruits and my favourite fruit is an apple

I eat fruit 2 or 3 times a day. my favourite fruits is pear, apple and orange.

I eat all these fruits and my favourite fruit is pineapple.

I Like everyone. My favourite fruit's is pineapple.we must eat fruits and drink juıce once a day can be healty our bodys. Especially, You can drink fruit juıce with ice for become cool in summer. I prefer drink orange juıce.Actually I like tropical fruits. Perhaps For I was born in summer because I like in summer too. Have a good evening.

I like almost all the fruits, I try to eat the fruit of the season of the year.
The fruit that I like the least is the caqui I don't know the name in English

I love eating fruit and I eat it a lot. three or four pieces every day.

I eat fruits everyday in breakfast as fruit salad.
My favorite fruits are banana, pineapple and orange.

I eat fruits a lot ; my favorite fruits are banana strawberry peach and plum

my favourite fruit is mango