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Do these exercises and learn words to talk about your home.


Nivel de idioma

Beginner: A1


I spent most my time in my bedroom because I used bedroom to sleep, to work even eat in it (lol). But now I rent and share a flat with my friends and I spend most time in the living room because my flat is so basic and tiny especially so hot, however the living room is cooler, I like it very much, I can sit on the floor, use my laptop or my phone, listen to music, turn on the fan and chill ><

I spend more time in th living room.

As my flat is quite little, I spend most of my time in the living room where I work and which is also my bedroom and my dining room. I'm lucky to have a separated kitchen from the rest of my flat to cook. I think this the second place where I spend most of my time.

I do really like this exercise!

I spend more time in the living room

I roome spend much time in the living room, beacuse look tv, and study english, i listen music too.

I spend most of the time in the study room on the second floor. Recently I stay at home because of Covid-9, but my dad works in a vacant office building by necessity.

I do spend the most time in the reading room.

The most time I spend in living room cause I have small flat with two rooms, one of them we can call a living room.

I use to Spend more time in living room specially in winter as weather is pretty cold and raining.
I like just sit in comfortable sofa and enjoy films and TV programs after having diner with family talk to family members.
unfortunately in my flat I don't have neither balcony nor garden to put chair and look at the green grass and trees or make barbecue at weekends.