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Air travel

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Intermediate: B1


Well, I haven't ever traveled by plane.

I can't remember but my family says that when I was 2 years old, we traveled by air.

Yes, I did it many times, but the longest one, when I was traveled from Egypt to China for approximately 13 hours.


Yes i have traveled by air many times. Even though it was not a longest journey, i enjoyed each and every minute.

the longest flight ,I have ever had, it tooks 10 hour from istanbul to bangkok. I like travel too much and I missed it. I wanna go south America if covid end up oneday. how long does it take, good knows.

Yes, I've travelled by air sometime, especially on holidays.The longest flight I've taken by now is the flight from Ha Noi to Phu Quoc.It took 15 hour.

Yes, I have travelled by air from Pakistan to the UK via Doha Qatar. This is the longest flight of 12 hours I have taken.

Yes, I travelled by air. The longest flight I have taken was from Mexico to London, it lasted 11 hours.

I noticed, there is tecknically no right answer to select to the question of where you can see all the flights, cause departures are only half of the flights on an airport.