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Vocabulary exercises to help learn words related to health.


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Intermediate: B1


Going to hospital doesn't sound good but when we have to choice, we are happy to have good hospital and qualify doctors, take care of us especially in the pandemic period. Thanks to all people working in this industry.

I feel relief. Yes. I had.

I feels optimistic.

I used to have a toothache and I had to go to see the dentist. At that time, I felt really scared and worried about that. I was going to cry when they used their tools to put it in my mouth. oh my gosh, when I remember that again I cannot forget it ><

Unfortunately, I have used all of the things in the list...!

Going to the doctor is clearly not my favourite activity, but I don't rage if I have to go. Most illnesses can be successfully treated if they are detected in time. I don't fall ill usually, but I take medicines when it is necessary.

I do not like to go the doctor or hospital, but when I get sick, its no matter to me get injectios more than tablets or pill, cause I think its better and wana get heal me sooner. however I hope never sick me. and I wish none of you get sick.
and hope some of you contact me, to try speak, and learn more and more.

I'm really not sure why a tablet in medicine and the one in IT is called the same.
Does anyone know about it?

Hello Rafaela1

The word 'tablet' comes from Old French and is centuries old. It is ultimately formed from the Latin word for 'table', and can refer to flat surfaces, especially for writing. So it's easy to see how it's been applied to the modern digital device.

I'm not sure how it came to refer to a 'pill', but as you can see on the page I linked to, this use is also centuries old.

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

i'm really scared when i go to a doctor or dentist. Although i sometimes feel toothache, i don't want to go to the dentist and i continue suffer. I have used a tablets or injection when i'm sick.