Philip Hart, Director Gerente de la compañía de periféricos de Tecnología de la Información, WebWare, le da una mala noticia al Director de Ventas, Brian O'Dell.

Task 1

Choose the correct answers to the questions.  


Task 2

Business notes

In this episode WebWare’s CEO Philip Hart sacks his Sales Director for underperforming. Philip uses 2 expressions to do this. The first is I’m going to have to let you go which is quite a gentle way of expressing the fact. The second is You’re fired, which is a little more direct.

There are even more ways to express this in English. Dismiss and discharge are both quite formal:

He was dismissed for turning up late on a regular basis.

The director was discharged of his duties.

Other less formal, but more colourful ways of saying the same thing are:

give someone the axe

give someone their cards

give someone the boot


Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2

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