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Intermediate: B1


I have completed the following lessons of A student Disscussion,A weather Forecast,and Making a Decision. The level that I chose was Intermediate B1 Listening.

I'm usually the customer, but as a good customer, I aim to address the concept of reciprocity in each of my requests, so that the supplier assums that I'm trying to do a balance in which she/he and I are asking for, and ends up thinking more in the benefits than the downside.

That's a good relation between supplier and customers.

In my opinion a Rule is a Rule and a supplier should not make exceptions for customers even important customers

well,yes i usually do it.most of the times i try to understand my clients situations and possible problems,and make some exceptions for them.for example if they have difficulties to pay i can consider an extension on payment terms for fact sometimes i think i am doing it more than i should. ;)

Responding to requests for favors from others is a pleasure. I ‘d like to help others if the rules allow me and it doesn't trouble me.
Have you ever had trouble helping others?

Yes of course , sometimes I give exceptions for my clients . sometimes I do some repairs for their cars for free . It is allowed to do so in my company as a customer satisfaction .

Yes, I have made exceptions for some important customers several times because the profit made from their business is a big partial of our annue earnings. Meanwhile, certain conditions are made clearly to give these exceptions like exact date being made for the customer to make payment, or our cashflow will have trouble.

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I'm afraid the audio isn't available to download from our pages. You can, of course, listen as often as you like on the page.



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