Notes at work

Read some short messages to practise and improve your reading skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and do the exercises.

Reading text

Mario called. He wants you to call back before 7 p.m.

Sales meeting this afternoon at 12 noon. Meeting Room 2.

Pens ready for collection between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Jackie is leaving the office at 4 p.m. today. Please remember to lock the doors. The keys are in your drawer.

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Language level

Soumis par ANOUAR le mar 16/11/2021 - 09:14


In the age of the internet it's better to leave a text message because people always bring their phones with them.

Soumis par Bena - Mustafa le sam 30/10/2021 - 23:33


Normally , I sending message in their phone , that is easy to me, because my colleagues we are friendly.

Soumis par LamVanPhuong le mer 27/10/2021 - 12:15


if i call for someone and they don't answer the phone , i will leave a text messages for them. if possible we will Discuss the issue by text message if needed.

Soumis par ayaabdo le mar 26/10/2021 - 01:16


I send messages usually on social media platforms but when I want something emergency I call them.

Soumis par karlitara le dim 17/10/2021 - 03:04


I don't leave notes, because i believe that the person never will see the note and is more soft a messages text

Soumis par Suraj paliwal le ven 15/10/2021 - 20:07


Normally I leave text messages in Hindi because I'm weak in English. I'm here to improve my English. Please anyone tell me if I'm worng?

Soumis par KATIELLE RAIAN… le lun 12/07/2021 - 10:18

Normally, I leave text and audio messages.

Soumis par Suraj paliwal le jeu 06/05/2021 - 12:24

I usually send message. If he doesn't reply two or three days I make a phone call and talk about matter. I don't leave message.

Soumis par DarwinM le ven 16/04/2021 - 01:12

I usually send messages because it's a quick and easy way to comunicate.

Soumis par Aye Chan Moe le mar 13/04/2021 - 12:30

I leave notes as I thought Texting messages can take some people a long time to find out so I leave notes where They usually go so If they come here, They'll find it.

Soumis par mirtha le jeu 01/04/2021 - 16:50

I usually make a call, if they do not answer, I send a text message.

Soumis par MikhailZatopliaev le lun 22/03/2021 - 23:08

Often I leave a text message or I call.

Soumis par Veronikka le mar 16/03/2021 - 00:14

I usually leave messages for my boss. When he's busy, I leave messages on chat platforms. If he doesn't respond in 1 or 2 days, I call him.

Soumis par TIa vinaka le mar 09/03/2021 - 01:44

I normally leave note if I know the information that the person who got message will come back soon , but if not, I would sent text message for them.

Soumis par MilGer le jeu 11/02/2021 - 15:39

I do not send messages for people I call them

Soumis par Leila77 le jeu 28/01/2021 - 08:00

To leave messages for people, I usually send text messages. I never leave notes.

Soumis par German le ven 15/01/2021 - 00:48

I normally leave notes on post-it notes for my colleagues. I sometimes send messages per whatsapp or an eail.

Soumis par Leonidas diaz meyer le mer 23/12/2020 - 13:49

I sometimes send text massages to my grandmother. I never leave notes.

Soumis par Tatiana barrera le mar 15/12/2020 - 03:09

I always leave messages to peoples but they usually are my friends or my family, now the social networks have done that the communications be easier than until some decades. I hardly ever leave notes

Soumis par Ehsan le dim 15/11/2020 - 08:28

I normally leave message in social messenger like WhatsApp. I leave messages in the form of text or voice.

Soumis par Khin Khin Htet le dim 08/11/2020 - 15:03

I normally leave messages for my partners using text messages. I usually use the notes for me. I had used the notes when I have meetings remind, important notices and remaining work remark.

Soumis par alexiaimogen le jeu 22/10/2020 - 06:38

These days I usually just leave a text message for other people. Mostly I used the notes just for myself for writing important things.

Soumis par Moon Wathan le sam 10/10/2020 - 06:55

Sometimes, I leave the message call me back or I cook for you etc... But I didn't leave the notes un till now.

Soumis par habibao.medo le sam 03/10/2020 - 15:07

sometimes i send them massages .other times i leave notes

Soumis par Asni le jeu 17/09/2020 - 22:06

I used to leave notes, but when applications such as whatsapp, messenger, etc. have caught on, there was no need to use paper notes to leave messages anymore. I use notes for myself though to remember to do or buy things. I put them on some place so that they are easily visible, otherwise I forget I wrote them; I must admit that memorising is not one of my strenghts.

Soumis par Pola le jeu 17/09/2020 - 19:42

I think before smartphone that time, I was used to leave notes in my house and school.

Soumis par shelly le lun 14/09/2020 - 09:12

Most of the time I choose to send an instant message to my co-worker instead of leaving a note. But if the message is important and detailed, I may choose leaving a note simultaneously send a message to notify my coworker.

Soumis par Roblox le dim 06/09/2020 - 14:08

It depends. If I have their phone numbers I will send them text messages but if they don't I will leave some notes with their secretary or person who is in charge.

Soumis par sonjoy le dim 06/09/2020 - 14:03

Basically, i send message to colleagues and employees using social media namely whatsup, viber and messenger.But, in case of urgency i prefer to send it mobile or make a call.Actually, i don't like to stick a note in the tables or others place because i don't think it is fruitful rather instant call and sms.

Soumis par hannahbeigi le jeu 13/08/2020 - 12:58

I normally send text message for my colleagues and friends or call them.

Soumis par Maria19 le mar 04/08/2020 - 11:57

I usually leave messages in the text through the cell phones.

Soumis par Youssef Er-rafay le mer 08/07/2020 - 18:37

I once leave a note to my mom , and the note get lost , and it was really important , since then I stopped leaving notes on the table or on the fridge , because it may fly and get lost , the best way to leave notes or ask about anything is by using social media , that’s what i daily use to leave notes.

Soumis par Ronake le mar 30/06/2020 - 21:53

Usually, I send messages to my co-workers and friends when I want to let them know about something, or ask any information that I need. I think the most appropriate manner is to send messages in the phone or other apps like Viber or What's app. Sometimes notes can be lost, or fly in the office and the person won't be able to get your messages

Soumis par Hennadii le mer 24/06/2020 - 13:50

I rarely leave notes. They may get lost on the table, especially on the cluttered one. I think text messages are more trusted. Of course, if it's urgent I will try to get someone on the phone and don't forget about e-mails. They have a useful option - reminding ))

Soumis par SimbuKrishnan le ven 12/06/2020 - 05:10

Firstly, I would prefer to send a text or email and then give a call to remember the person to see the messages

Soumis par Thucuoi le sam 06/06/2020 - 10:17

when i can't call someone or in the non-urgent cases, i usually sent text massage on zalo or facebook. I almost don't leave someone a note because i am afraid that they will be lost.

Soumis par Onur le jeu 04/06/2020 - 13:45

I would rather leave notes than send text messages. Particularly for work.

Soumis par Shaista le mar 02/06/2020 - 12:41

I don't think that I've written note ....basically I prefer to text or call......according to me it's better way to in this time as we wake up first we take a glance on our phones so it's better to text

Soumis par casssioesousa le lun 25/05/2020 - 19:08

I prefer to send email message then call.

Soumis par Nyanko Neko le jeu 21/05/2020 - 15:50

i usually leave messages by email. And then in my freetime i will check all and reply