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How we make adverbials

An adverbial can be an adverb:

He spoke angrily.
They live here.
We will be back soon.

or an adverb with a quantifier:

He spoke really angrily.
They live just here.
We will go quite soon.
We will go as soon as possible.

or a phrase with a preposition:

He spoke in an angry voice.
They live in London.
We will go in a few minutes.

Adverbials 1


Adverbials 2


Adverbials 3



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Definition of adverbials should be given first

Hello Nandadulal,
A description of adverbials is given on the main adverbials page.
I hope that helps.
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The LearnEnglish Team

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Yes, you should look at right side of the page. Or take a look at Grammer

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