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Possessives: pronouns

Level: beginner

Subject Object Possessive adjective Possessive pronoun
I me  my mine
you you your yours
he him  his his
she her  her hers
it it its -
we us  our ours
they them  their theirs


Be careful!

Possessive pronouns do not have an apostrophe:

Is that car yours/hers/ours/theirs?
(NOT Is that car your's/her's/our's/their's?)

We can use a possessive pronoun instead of a full noun phrase to avoid repeating words:

Is that John's car?
     No, it's mine.
 (NOT No, it's [my car].)

Whose coat is this?
     Is it yours? (NOT Is it [your coat]?)

Her coat is grey.
     Mine is brown. (NOT [My coat] is brown.)


Possessives: pronouns 1


Level: intermediate

We can use possessive pronouns and nouns after of. We can say:

Susan is one of my friends. > Susan is a friend of mine.
(NOT Susan is a friend of me.)

I am one of Susan's friends. > I am a friend of Susan's.
(NOT I am a friend of Susan.)

Possessives: pronouns 2




It's really great.

Why isn’t there a possessive pronoun “its” ?

Hello again re_nez

It's not included in the table on this page because it's something native speakers don't use. To be honest, I don't know exactly why this is, but I expect that it has to do with the way the language evolved over the past 1500 years. 

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

Hello. My question is: what’s the rule for possessive pronouns when you want to use nouns or names. Do you place an apostrophe at the end of a name or not? For example: is it: that house was hers and Johns? or: that house was hers and John’s?
Thank you very much.

Hello Antosole7,

The correct form here is John's.



The LearnEnglish Team

Hello .... I have a problem to understand how and when to use possesive nouns and adjectives.....for example... Your house is big but mine/my is small??? Their car is expensive but ours/our is cheap??

Hello Andrea, you could say: "Your house is big but mine is small". In this case, "mine" means "my house".
The same goes for "Their car is expensive but ours (=our car) is cheap".
Hope that helped.

Hello Andrea, you could say: " Your house is bigger than mine."
Is this car cheaper than ours?

Hello Andrea Klocová

An adjective goes with a noun or pronoun and a pronoun takes the place of a noun. In the phrases 'your house' and 'their car', 'your' and 'their' go with the nouns 'house' and 'car' and identify them.

'mine' doesn't go with a noun -- instead it takes the place of the idea 'my house'. In the same way, 'ours' doesn't go with a noun and takes the place of the idea 'our car'. Since they take the place of a noun, these are pronouns and so we use the pronoun forms.

Does that make sense?

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team


Plz I want more advice about, possive pronoun .like how to use in this