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Possessives: questions

Level: beginner

We use whose to ask questions about possession:

Pattern A   Pattern B
Whose coat is this? or Whose is this coat?
Whose book is that? or Whose is that book?
Whose pens are those? or Whose are those pens?
Whose bags are those? or Whose are those bags?


Be careful!

Be careful not to confuse whose and who's (= who is). They are pronounced in the same way but spelled differently:

Whose coat is this?
Who's (= Who is) Stefan?

Possessives: questions 1


Possessives: questions 2




I am really glad that I find your is great

I wonder in the last sentence you have mentioned: "providing a sentence to illustrate....." why did you say "providing" instead of "provide".

thank you in advance

Hello ihsan,

'providing a sentence ...' is an adverbial clause. Peter was describing how you could reply. He could also have said 'reply and provide a sentence' (in this case, 'provide' is an imperative form), but the adverbial is a bit more elegant, as well as polite.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

I'm newbie and I'm very pleased to learn English lessons here. I would like to read English short stories to learn usages and grammars. Any suggestion please!!

Hello Thiri Yadana Aung,

We're glad you found us! We have a section called Stories & Poems and there are lots of articles in the Magazine that might interest you. You mentioned reading materials, but if you're interested in listening, we have extensive audio and video resources as well. I'd particularly suggest Elementary Podcasts, which have been very popular with our users. Finally, of course, if it's possible for you, joining a class at a British Council centre near you would also be a great way to improve your English quickly.

We look forward to seeing you around the site.

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I really like the all lessons on your page. Thank you for help.I will try all my best.

Hello, my name is agung, I am very interesting to learn english in advance. So, I really hope this website will guide me to improve my english. I just want to recommend this website provides more exercises. ^^

Hello agung,

Welcome and thanks for your comment! As a new user, I'd suggest you read our Help and House Rules pages, which give you advice on how to make the most of LearnEnglish. If you're looking for exercises, you might want to try Elementary Podcasts, which generally have quite a few.

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Hi, I hope you results have been very good to be enrolled in the university.