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Possessives: questions

Level: beginner

We use whose to ask questions about possession:

Pattern A   Pattern B
Whose coat is this? or Whose is this coat?
Whose book is that? or Whose is that book?
Whose pens are those? or Whose are those pens?
Whose bags are those? or Whose are those bags?


Be careful!

Be careful not to confuse whose and who's (= who is). They are pronounced in the same way but spelled differently:

Whose coat is this?
Who's (= Who is) Stefan?

Possessives: questions 1


Possessives: questions 2




Hi every body :) I'm new in this page i would like to learn  English . i 'am 18 . i' d like t make relationships with English people or people ho spike  to help me speaking English.......... thx 

this section doesn't have exercice... Why?

Hi Sidnei,
I think it's because it's a very short section. However, we're rewriting the exercises in this section, so there might be one in the future.
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Hello everyone! I'm new to this page.I wish I can get so many friends through this web so that I can improve my english especially for spoken english :)

hi, everyone,
i am from Vietnamese
i am interesting in English but my E is not good. 
A want make friend with everybody for relax and  chat
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I'm in the same case. We can chatted through fb. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i'm from cameroon thanks!

Hello fouba!
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Hi dear
I'm so happy for find you BC :))))

Thank you for this site.It such a big help for me..

Do we have any British council teaching center in Karachi,Pakistan?