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Proper nouns

Proper nouns

Level: beginner

Names of people, places and organisations are called proper nouns. We spell proper nouns with a capital letter:

Muhammad Ali Birmingham China Oxford University the United Nations

We use capital letters for festivals:

Christmas Deepavali Easter Ramadan Thanksgiving

We use capital letters for people's titles:

I was talking to Doctor Wilson recently.
Everything depends on President Obama.

When we give the names of books, films, plays and paintings, we use capital letters for the nouns, adjectives and verbs in the name:

I have been reading The Old Man and the Sea.
Beatrix Potter wrote
The Tale of Peter Rabbit.
You can see the
Mona Lisa in the Louvre.

Level: intermediate

Sometimes we use a person's name to refer to something they have created:

Recently a Van Gogh was sold for 15 million dollars.
We were listening to Mozart.
I'm reading an Agatha Christie.

Proper nouns



The problem is that when you press the exercise brings nothing just a white page with no exercises

I want to ask what Goyas means

       I have a questions regarded to the 3rd question. If the write answer was the second then it wouldn't be correct to have also a capital letter to the word "force" because it is also a part of the organisation name( U N P F) like the word                " peacekeeping".
Thank you for your time

You are right! I have changed the exercise to correct this error.
Thanks for telling us.
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I think question number 3 is wrong...please,look into this..

I can't take exercises. When I click the exercise bullet, the entered box is I can't understand. How can I take exercise.

I don't quite understand your comment. Is your problem that you don't understand the exercise or that you have a technical problem with it?
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tired of what

Why 'an Agatha Christie?I mean why is indefinite article here?

Hi - this is short for "an Agatha Christie novel". Does that make more sense?

Jack Radford

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