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Episode 04

Carolina is having some problems with money. What can she do to solve them? Adam and Rob talk about all the different types of weather you have in your countries.

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When I was student I had a part time job in a construction houses company it was while my summer holiday, I preferred to work during my first half of holiday and save money.

When I was a teen I worked in a office. I called every day to many persons to charge about cards debts. For me was so boring stay all day calling to many weirds people.

My first job was very interesting :), I worked atchicken farm. Every morning I was there to carry on eggs and to feed and water chickens. There was over 400 chicken!
Every afternoon I cleaned their boxes and turn off the lights in farm, to make good conditions for chicken sleeping.
My month salary was very small, because it was war and the money wasn't valuable.

I got my first job when I was an undergraduate student. I worked at a microbiology laboratory at the same University where I studied. My job was to prepare culture media, clean the glassware and to perform basic microbiology analisis. I used all the money I earned to pay my study expenses and obviously it wasn't enough, so my parents used to help me. It was a hard time but a learned a lot. Thanks! :)

Hello !
I was student when I got my first job thanks to my university. In fact we had to do a traineeship at the end of the first academic year.
It occured in a farm that produced maize seeds. The work was quite hard because happening in the fields all day long during summer with warm and wet weather.
I didn't earn a lot of money, but it was interesting and enough for the young people like me working for the same farmer to go out and enjoy ourselves. The ambience was very happy between all of us and I keep a good record of this time.

My first job was telephone attendant in a Hospital. I work only weekends and holydays!!!! and at night!!! So 2 days a week. But I earned not so bad money. I had 30% plus in the night and I had an extra hour (that was 2 times than the normal hout) I was 20 years old and i was un the university. I was studyed as a Medical Doctor. I finished it in december 1983. That was a very important part of my life. Maybe no so beatiful but....very important.

Interesting question ,,what was your first job?,, or how you earned first money?
Well my first job was when I was in my sixteen years and I worked in a garden for two hours a day. I used to look after some flowers. I was nice, interesting and helpful, learn something about plants. Of course I didn't earn much money but now I know how to take care of my garden. I think it was a good experience.

While I was a college student, I worked as a part-time salesperson in a insurance company that I sold the life insurance to individuals. At the beginning of job, it was exhausted because firstly I had to find potential customers and call each of them by phone and then arrange a meeting; finally meet them and try to sell the clauses. However, it became easier after awhile because I started to ask my clients if they had any name to share with me and also I intendedly called people who work as a managing directors in companies and visited them in the office environment. Once I sold the product to manager, it was easy to sell other employees because their first question was if the manager bought it after I explained the clause. I earned good money for a student.

Hello everybody!
My first job was in construction company as a storekeeper.I won a little renumeration which has not enough for my expenses.