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Episode 04

Carolina is having some problems with money. What can she do to solve them? Adam and Rob talk about all the different types of weather you have in your countries.

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Hi Priyanka my name is Leonardo I am from Mexico, my first job also was in IT departament, I was Help Desk, i had to help users with issues and picked up reports, and picked up tickets and escalated them.

Sorry about my grammar my english skills are poor


My first job was to give Math lessons during my study at the highschool .I earned enough money to send my father and sister on Holiday.That felt a great sense of being happy.If I remember ,I still happy with that.

Hi, there are so many tyme I was at my first job....Now I'm retired so I'll try to remenber that.
I was at the engineering university and worked, for one month during the winter hollidays, as an intern during the construction of a pharmaceutical factory . Then, I earned about $500 a month. It was a good salary and I looked forward doing that.
Nowadays my job I just look after my granddaughter and look up at the dictionary!

hello everyone!

My first job is a technical staff in footwear company.The first I also feel excited but a long time,I feel it boring.I earned 260$ a month.I want change another better job.I want to be a bussinesswoman and I'll try!

My first job is purchasing officer and it so boring.I earned 275$ a month but I always feel that I am wasting my time.Because I want to meet lots of people,make people happy.Especially,I want to have the freedom,but I don't get that from my job.I relize fiding a right career is very important because loving your job will go a long to loving your life.I want to be a bussinesswoman and I'll try!

After graduating from the university, I had a first job as a bank teller. Everyday, I had to communicate with my customers, provide them our products. It's an interesting job, because I had conversation with many people. I earned 300$ a month. It's not a good salary but I was very glad about my first money in my life. And now, I changed another better job. So it was always a good memory in my career.

Hi !
I'm still in my first job, which is to be a teacher assistent in mathematics and I really like it because it's a way to help people who doesn't understand very well. In this job, I earn about $120 per month and this amount is for helping me in my studies.

Hello everyone :) My first job was during university in a bank, it was good and interesting. After that I went to another country and worked as an au pair looking after children, this one was much more fun, I lenjoy this experience a lot, in a different culture, with great people, if I could choose again I would prefer go abroad and work for fun, cause business carreer must of the time is bored lol xxx thx

i worked as a water seller in bazaar in Turkey when i was at 15. i was going around bazaar and selling water .

i am working in oman .i can say that is very hot in summer in Fahud area, i registred last summer in july 48 deg clc at midnight and reach 58 to 60 at lunch time. i am coming from north africa were 30deg in summer time is hot time