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Episode 04

Carolina is having some problems with money. What can she do to solve them? Adam and Rob talk about all the different types of weather you have in your countries.

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My first job was in the summer during school holidays. I was 14 years old... long time ago. :(
I worked in my uncle's shop and at the same time I was studying programming with a Commodore 64... and now I'm here, I'm studying english!

i wanted to send u massages but .i do not know how ..thank u for this progam 

Hello, my first job at technical institute. I worked as a teacher for a year and my earned was 300$. after that I employed at the same place and I  earn 700$ a month. I like my job and I will study master degree to expand my knowledge.

my first job was in a clothes store. I have always hated clothes stores, so I just worked for one month and left that job. My first pay I spent with geographic book, I love this kinf of books.

In fact, i'm repenting much finding a job.because i'm somewhat poor in English language so it is difficult to find out a good job.

My first wages I earned when I was a student. It was thirty years ago . I earned my first money as a painter, painting walls or putting wallpaper onto walls. My first money I spend on shopping cloths.

When i was in the freshman, i got a first job in my life. I tutored for 2 students at their home. I could earn nearly 4 million VND a month. It was about $200 per month, it was not much but i could spend it for some things, for instance: i could buy books, went out with my friends, paid my phone bill...
Now, i'm in the senior class, and i still keep that job

i want to learn english

My first job was computer programmer, I earn 200 US a month, 8 hours a day in 1991.

My first job was basketball player. I began when I was young and it was a great experience. Every day, a two times a day, we had practice movement in half court, exercises and pitches. A lot of pitches.