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Episode 04

Carolina is having some problems with money. What can she do to solve them? Adam and Rob talk about all the different types of weather you have in your countries.

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I began in my first job make clean in machines of paint. Now after some oportunity I'm a engineer.I fineshed in the university  last year.
Now the next step is the english it's very important in all field in my country.

Yes dear
you are right. English language is needed everywhere..

You are back again !! That´s great !!
I do missed you a lot !!
Welcome back !!

My first job was doing some surveys. I was 17 and it was my first way to earn money. It was easy and I remainded that people were kind with me.

Hi can you please tell me what verb do we use do describe the sound we produce by easing our joints.

Hi british council council team .i hope you all are doing well.i am so happy that adam mentioned my name in this podcast .well it is not actually my name but i quite like it so i kept it as my the question this time is about the job so i must say something about it.well i am just a student from pakistan who is about to take his GCSE exam next year so i don't work not even a part time.i am quite comfortable with my life without a job nor i need to
My regards.

Hi every one
we have in Iraq the temperature reach to 53 degree centigrade at same there is no
electricity most of day really it is joking first job was in my form 4 summer holidays .i was a waiter to service anyone came to eat .The restaurant was near my home so i haven't late one time case i could easy to arrive. why i found this jobs .It is because my mother didn't let me always play computer games at home all the time.So i did .when i wrote down the form.I think i am haven't any experience about society work so my wages only have    $28 hk.I can earn about $4000 for a mouth.I spent all this to buy a new phone.Why? Because i haven't change my phone about 3 years.I couldn't wait anymore and i had look for a new one so i buy it.I think this job was very hard because all the time it was always bustling .I couldn't have a break in my working .But there have many kind colleague always take care for me when i have problems.i wish when i was free or some holiday i will do it continue to do it

Hi everybody!
Hi Adamand Rob!
How interesting Carolina was! Living away from home and facing with the finance problem, it is usual with VietNamese students.
I mysefl experimented her condition when I was a medical student at the university. So I had to do a part-time job to deal with my poket lacking of money. VietNamese students usually do a part-time work, most of them want to earn more money, some of them want to have experiment before their main job after graduate. And my first job was tutor, purpose for money only. I taught Mathematic and Chemistry. I had 2 or 3 high-school pupils, I taught them at their home 2 times per week, 2 hours per time. I was paid 30.000 - 40.000 VietNam dong for 2 hours (At that time it was about 2 - 2.5 dolars). It was really interesting, not hard working but quite well pay. Now I am a doctor.
But I found my real problem. It wasn't the money but managed it. My parents still pumbed money and with my extra teaching money, I still felt hard at the end of the month. So I think manage your money well is the best way to be comfortable with your earning.

A did my first job in 1985. I had just finished the military service (In Spain was obligatory to do this for every men) and I started to work like engineer in an international big company. My first salary was around 100.000 pesetas (600€). I was very happy because I was able to help to my family.
I liked this job very much. It was a great experience.