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Episode 06

Carolina wants a job to solve her money problems, but will she find one? Adam is surprised about your opinions of football!

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Intermediate: B1


Hi everyone)My name is Aigerim.I know at first tome it sounds and looks very difficult)i'm from Kazakhstan.I see most of you are new members of this site,i'm novice too,but i like it very much.I wish we would learn english more and more day after day.Good luck for all of u guys)

Hi everyone,
I am Wint Thu Naing namely and I am from Burma. I am a morning person. I used to get up on weekdays at 5:30 and at 7:00 on weekends. 
Thanks for having British council in KK and it is great help for people living in such a resource limited areas.
Best Regards,
Wint Thu 

    A pleasant day to all.... I'm very happy with this site...
The conversation between Carolina and her interviewer was nice to hear, It gives me an instant idea on what will I'm going to do during the interview.

My favorite  day time is at night because i can make more activities such as surfing the net and  watching TV
thanks alot

Hello Everyone;
This is the first time, i am writing something about this site. I realise that writing is important for learning english...
My best time of the day is night. Because, everyone, i mean father mother and brother are in the home at night. So i am very happy to be with my family. We make different activities with respect to which day is this.
Best wishes!

hi Every body ,
My name 's Nhung , very nice to join in site

Hi everyone:
I think that my favorite time of the day is sunset. I live in Mexico City and I consider myself as a very lucky person because of the view I've got from home. At sunset as the sun goes down and the night begins you can see the sky changing into very different colors, but from my house I can see not only the sky but 2 beautiful volcanoes changing into red, yellow, purple; it's amazing and it's so romantic as well as story of those volcanoes called Popocatepetl and IZtaccihuatl.
I'm really happy to share this with you.
Best wishes,

Hi Anhy very nice u write, I really really like it. U share a very romantic seen in beautiful words. thank you very much  Anhy..
Best Wishes

hi Anhy, you are very lucky

my favorite time of the day is afternoon because at this time of the day i can do many interesting things for example i can draw or read!
So,I like afternoon most of all!)
See you ,Asya