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Episode 06

Carolina wants a job to solve her money problems, but will she find one? Adam is surprised about your opinions of football!

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Intermediate: B1


My favorite time of the  day is  night because at this time i can do so many interesting things for example i can watch television, browsing the internet or read a book!
so ,  I like night most of all
see you, uzma

Hi Uzma. My name 's Nhung , I'm from Viet Nam . I 'm also interested same you , like watch TV , searching Internet and learn English...

Hi everyone, I am new member in this site. Already download and listened to this audio podcast though, quite enjoyed my first audio podcast actually. It's always interesting to learn foreign language. I tried to enjoy and be happy all day long if I can because its really hard, but my best time of the day is when I could spend my early morning with classical music and knowing that everyone in the family in good mood to start their daily activity, and that was the happiest moment of my day. Hope that this site could help me to improve my written English. I got failed with English lang exam a few month back, that rea.lly terrible and awful feeling.

i  have just found this website and i'm very happy to learn enlish.

hi everyon
..thanks alot

you r wellcom ms amani.

     It's nice to know that there are many beautiful arabs... like you...

Hi all,
i joined today, learning English is very important now a days. let's see how this site will help me out.

hello, I hope every thing going well
I'm from Somalia, it's nice to hear this conversation about Corolina and her first job. if I talk my favorite time. I can say twenty four hours a day I'm so happy and would like to wake up early morning at 5:o'clock and go to mosque to pray fajar with jameea after pray, I like to read one chapter of holy Quran. and that time of reading holy Quran is the my best time or my favorite time.
thank you very much

thanks for british council for help any one in the world to learning the language of english