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Episode 07

Adam and Rob discuss your favourite times of day. Also, Tess and Ravi talk about something British people love, but most people hate!

Tess & Ravi



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I agree too much with you! Not only are people who skip the queue rude, they are wasting other people's time. Even today, in the time of the coronavirus, people do not respect the queue and the distance between them. And it's because they never had. I hope people think better about their actions, because they affect the lives of others. It is also wrong, because if everyone was in a row, the queue runs faster. :)

Hey my opinion,everywhere and every time people have to respect to other's rights and queuing can be one of them...I can't stand queuing particularly of those who you have to wait over 2hours and in my country it's Sth common and normal when you stand in.line for gas stations and also queue for buying tickets of play grounds in some cities when a huge mass of people rush there...

In my country we form a queue when we wait for a bus or taxi , in some offices, in a bakery, and recently because of bad economic situation people wait in a queue to buy meat.
People don't respect other people's rights in my country, so there are always people who jump the queue and make arguing. They never can form a tidy queue it's possible to see three people stand together in a queue .
I hate queuing and trying to avoid it. I've never jump a queue I hate people do that I think it is like stealing the most valuable thing of people , The time.

when I was young people had to stand in a long queues to buy everything. now it is so much better but we still should queue.

In general, the queues are quite polite in my country. Skip the queue looks very bad.
I can't stand the queues! I have learned to do all kinds of transactions online, just to not queue. I can't understand how other people seem to feel comfortable and even talk like if they enjoying a party. Why do not they explode inside, like me?

queuing in is a very new in my country (Rwanda) so people can't bear that. but here at Beijing it is very common you can even find two people on a queue. Personally I hate queuing because it is boring but on the other side it is quite effective and it makes the process going smooth.

Hello everyone, I really don't like queuing. In the supermarket, I can wait but I can't bear some people who jump the queue. It's not polite and not fair. Let think about the feeling of people before you jump wherever.

Hi! On of the most annoying thing for me is queueing. And I noticed, that time is ticking to slowly when you are waiting your turn. But it's impossible to avoid queues at all. That's why only polite behaviours can soften this nervous stress. As for queue jumping, of cause it's not acceptable. It only makes people more nervous.

Hi everyone!
Actually i dont know people who like queuing. On my opinion people dont like queuing or hate queuing. I have never heard that British have got ability be good at queuing. But i have not a debt in politeness of British.
On the whole people pretty politely in my country. Basically they dont attempt to jump the queues .Although they can do it in hospitals. There people can be more agressive than in other places.It's my practice .Their favorite phrase to jump queus there-"I only to ask...". As to me..i sometimes a little nervous at queuing, but usally i peaceful. Also i hade a cases jumping queues ,but only couple of times.

hello.. i don’t think i love queuing.. but it’s good for organizing our day-life..and also i think British people are more polite in queuing ...
I don’t jump a queue line .. and i won’t ..

In my country Chile, is common to see people doing queuing in some places. However, actually, this custom has been replace by tickets-numbers. Por example, in a pharmacy or other places where people wait attention, they must get a ticket-number to be served. This mode is fulfilled by all and nobody tries to jump a number.