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Episode 19

Tess and Ravi talk about a scary monster. But there's something worse than monsters; Adam and Rob say goodbye!

Tess & Ravi



Language level

Intermediate: B1


Good Morning everyone,
I am from Inverness and live quite close to Loch Ness.  I can assure all of you doubters out there that "Nessie" is real and lives in the Loch.  The reason why not many people who use this site have seen her is that she only allows herself to be seen by Scottish people.  She is usually spotted when we are out and about hunting for fresh haggis on the moorlands above the Loch.

I am Asif from Pakistan, i do not believe on monsters, i think there were not any monster in Loch Ness Lake it is just imagination, i think there isn't any monster in the world.

hello.i am from sri lanka.i am interesting in english but it is little bit harder because in sri lanka very often we use sinhala more tham the if there anyone like to help me .send me a reply

I'll miss Rob.
I like Adam a lot, of course.
But Rob is nice too, and he has a lovely voice. I hope he's moving for better.
I like when we can hear as many English native speakers as possible. Will there another presenter?
That's something I'd be looking forward!
Of course Nessie is real!
Not only that, it's my friend from the old times, when I used to hang around with Dracula, Nosferatu, Frankstein and... Nessie! Who else?
We have tea together every time I go to Scotland ;)
To finish this message, just would like to congratulate you for this fantastic job.
I love these podcasts and I recommend them every time I have an opportunity.
C. Allagash

Hello Dear:
I am Raquel and I am from Mexico, I want to know when can I be a bilingual person? if I finished the the level of english or when I take the carrer linguistic of english language?

Hallo Everyone
I'm a teacher of Biological Science from Bangladesh. I'ld like to learn ENGLISH and communicate you with Interesting Language ENGLIDH.

Hi Navid,
Hi Gcauss
I am from Bangladesh. I am a teacher of a college. I would like to communicate with you. I would like to practice ENGLISH.
Thank you,

Hi umi..
How are u?l unable to contact with u since may ,(nearly 2 month)What are u doing these days?

very interesting...
you must do something for the writing because i have a lot of problem with.
thank for a very bodies to indicate me the ways... i must listeen, speak and write into english

Hello Samba!
Writing in English can be difficult! However, to get better at writing, one of the best ways is to read as much as you can. Have a look round our website for something you like. Also, talk to other users in the comments section on each page. This will let you practice grammar and vocabulary.
If you want to improve your listening, try our Elementary Podcasts. For speaking, try our How to video series for some speaking situations. Also, why not join a class or see if your friends want to practice English with you?
Above all, try to do a little English every day – even 20 minutes will help!
Good luck!
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team