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Episode 19

Tess and Ravi talk about a scary monster. But there's something worse than monsters; Adam and Rob say goodbye!

Tess & Ravi



Language level

Intermediate: B1


thank you so much mr adam.

thanks for this podcast, I like it.
I will miss Rob.
Sorry, but there is not tapescript. Could I have it, please?
Thank you

this episode is great! I really like some short story, like anecdotes, fictions, or some news. they can intrigue my interesting to listen it, rather than listen it boringly.
thanks a lot staffs !

Hi!!! I love this series!!! I always wait every episode!!! but where is the text this time? I always downlaod the audio and the text.... but this time I can't find the text!!! greetings!!!

Hello there, VincenPrice!

Sorry you're having trouble finding the transcripts... but they're there now. Just click on the link that says 'Instructions & downloads' and you will see the pdf file there. Glad you like the show!

Best wishes,

The LearnEnglish Team

Hi Adam and Rob
I am glad to hear your voice again Rob and especial thanks for all of podcasts.
Like Vincen I look for conversation transcript pdf file of this episode but I can't find it!

I m liya from China, there s a monster in lake TianChi  which is the deepest lake in China located in ChangBai mountain JiLin province, Northeast of China, the common boundary of China and North Korea, the thing monster has been reported in 1980's the first time, the witness said its body likes a cow and head likes a big tub, and its move very fast. in the past , people think the temperature of the lake is very low, there s not possible any alive creature, the affair rests a mystery.

Hi all, 
What is the definition of monster? If there is a dinosaur in this era, is it a monster? If there is an animal who have a single horn, is the rhino a monster? I don't think a normal animal even scary is a monster. 
I think monster is an abnormal creature. For instance, a two head cat or a six legs cow is a kind of monster.
But I would like to say that those abnormal creatures shouldn't be blamed because they are actually victims of pollution.
Soil pollution can affect plants and polluted plants can affects animals who eat those plants. 
So people should make effort to keep environment and nature for the sustainability of this lonely planet and the future of every kind of creatures.
Nevertheless of my opinion, the story of Loch Ness is still attractive and I would like to visit the famous place some day.
Thank you.

I think aliens live in Loch Ness and they'll conquer us! And don't forget the Yeti too, i saw them both!!

Hello, I´m from Brazil. I think that the monster is a kind of market . Imagine if the monster wasn´t created who would heard about this lake? Oh...I think it is a great history because all the world have ever listened about the monster of Lack Ness. ( sorry if I made a mistake..).