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Episode 19

Tess and Ravi talk about a scary monster. But there's something worse than monsters; Adam and Rob say goodbye!

Tess & Ravi



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Intermediate: B1


Hi, my name is Tiago and I live in São Paulo - Brazil. 
Here we have a lot of folklore stories, some of them with monsters. One of the most known monster is the Headless Mule: the story tells that a woman was cursed by God for her sins (she had sexual relation with a priest within a church) and was turned into a fire-spewing headless mule, galloping through the countryside from Thursday's sundown to Friday's sunrise. That is really scary!
I don't believe in these stories, but they are pretty cool and make us imagine another strange animals that don't even exist (like the Loch Ness monster).
I love listening to the podcasts! You are great!
Regards. Tiago Ferreira dos Santos

Really, The story is interesting one. There is no any story related to monster to me but I can share with you a existing real story about Sunderban here in Bangladesh. Sunderban is the largest mangrove forest in the world. It is the abode of world famous Royal Bengal Tiger, restless spotted Deer, Indian Python. Everyday lots of tourists visit Sunderban.

When I was growing, my great grand-mother always pulled my leg by counting me a hair-raising history on a huge snake which appeared during the rain season in the river surrounding the village to warn a death.

hi how i can begining with learn

Hi mari mari,
Do you really need to learn? Ok! All is in front of you, on your screen. Let's go!
As I said earlier, on your screen, you have podcasts, from series one episode one, to series three episode nineteen. You also have a lot of other tools to help you, like "world on the street", "grammar and vocabulary", and so on. You have a choice. By where do you want to begin?
Best wishes.

Hello everybody, Yuo know Adam, I´d like to get a book entiteled ¨Avanced English¨. It is a blue one. I love this web site.
All the very best from Cuba,

Hello Anthony,
There are a lot of books called 'Advanced English' and many of them are blue! I'm afraid I don't know which book you mean.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

sorry I made some mistakes on the exercises. It's my first time in this section and it was really hard for me

this is the first time I hear about loch ness monster but I don't really think that it is exist, even so I really would like to visit loch ness one day. there is a legend here in my country about a woman who killed her son by a method we use it here in Libya and I'm not sure that it is known outside Libya, anyway it's name is ''ghirbal'' and then she turned to a big bird who kills the boys only the boys who is being outside their houses after sunset and there is some old women believe in it, and they put the ''ghirbal'' over their houses because they believe that she runaway when she see the ''ghirbal'' and that she won't kill their son's. So it was something usual seeing the ''ghirbal'' over some houses, but this was nearly before ten years ago, and I don't really believe in such a things.
I really enjoyed hearing the story about loch ness monster and I get upset when I heard Rob saying goodbye to us, the best wishes to you Rob.

sorry ,i made some mistakes while typing because i was typing very fast.
i forgot to write it on some  occasions and i wrote come instead of some 
hope that helps