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Episode 02: Hello Carlos!

Carlos, the aspiring chef, shows up out of the blue - but he might help save the café.

Do the Preparation task first. Then listen to the audio. Next go to each Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.


Language level

Intermediate: B1
Pre-intermediate: A2


Hello, Adam!
Such an answer! :( Reading your comment I was mad at you! I'm sick of "you can see in dictionary " answers! All my teachers used the same sentence! This isn't the answer of English teacher! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I realize this website as a place where we have live conversation to each other or to a LearnEnglish Team asking  the questions and expecting the answers. We all try to improve our skills. Emmalee and imymemine helped me to learn something new which I didn't know and even I haven't noticed. But I wasn't satisfied of your answer "look up in a dictionary". It was so blocking..... :( What would happen if we, all the learners, look up in dictionaries!? We wouldn't need this site or any other.
If your job is to answer only the comments that glorify the site, it's ok. I've  missed the point. 
Maybe I'm rude, but I wouldn't intent to offend you and your colleagues! This is such a great website and I would not hesitate to praise you, but I also want to criticize you when I think you're wrong.
I hope you wouldn't be angry! Also, I believe you would consider this as a feedback !
Best regards.
P.S. I'm sorry I couldn't keep silent !

Hello Ceca,
I'm sorry to hear you feel angry about my response to Emma's comment last year.
I understand that you feel that the LearnEnglish team (and teachers in general) should always answer students' questions directly and not refer them to other places, such as dictionaries, where they can find the answers. I'm afraid I disagree with you for two main reasons:

  1. We simply don't have time to answer every question in detail. We are a small team on a free website with millions of users. If we tried to answer every question individually, we would simply run out of time. When it is possible for a learner to find an answer somewhere in the website or a dictionary, we show them how to do that. Often, the alternative is no answer at all.
  2. Like most teachers, we want to encourage learners to be as independent as possible. A learner who relies on teachers whenever they have a question will get stuck when they don't have access to a teacher. Instead, they should be able to solve their own problems as much as possible and only use a teacher when they really can't find the answers anywhere else.

You suggest that if learners all used dictionaries, they wouldn't need help from LearnEnglish. I would actually be very happy if the majority of learners needed less help from us; it would be a huge success in our mission to help people learn English! However, dictionaries are only a small (but important) part of language learning. There is also grammar, speaking fluency, writing and lots of other areas which can't be learned from a dictionary.
Of course, users can help each other with definitions, as happened here and we are very happy to see that, but it's not something we're going to do in the comments. If you want a particular style of teaching, I suggest you look for private lessons, speak to teachers before you start the classes and try to find one who teaches the way you prefer.
Finally, I am rather confused by your suggestion that we only reply to comments that 'glorify' the website. The vast majority of comments we reply to are users looking for help with their English. We also reply to users who say nice things about us, because like all human beings, we like compliments. We also reply to users who criticise or complain about the website, as I have done here.
Thanks for your feedback and I'm sorry that we are not going to take on board your suggestion.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Ok. Do as you wish! I wouldn't complain anymore. Everything you suggested, I already do (take private lessons, search word in dictionaries, do grammar exercises, etc.) That's not a problem. Obviously, we have a different approach to learning foreign language. I wouldn't argue with you. 
Thank you for your suggestions!
Best regards,
Ceca B-)

i learned some new words. thank you for your sharing.

itz cool!
i gained somthing 

very interesting

Hi all, I just joined :) lets learn some english xd happy learning

Thanks god they got season 2 for this AWESOME series.^__^

i hope the new man can help them  , fingers crossed then. : )

i was looking for the certain site for learning english and i think this site is the best one,
i am so happy , finally i could find this web site and every day i practice whit it .
good luck every one who wants to practice and   improve her(his)  english ,
we will be successful, :-)