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Episode 10

In this episode Tess and Ravi talk to Gordon about his adventures making a documentary about whales. Their other guests talk about superpowers. You can also follow Carolina as she’s getting ready to go back to Venezuela for the summer holidays. Is she excited to go home for a visit?

Elementary Podcasts

Listen to the podcast then do the first exercise to check your understanding. If you have more time choose some of the language practice exercises.

Check your understanding


Tess and Ravi

Practise the language you heard in Tess and Ravi’s introduction [00:25].

Task 1



Practise the language you heard in the soap opera about Carolina [14:11].

Task 1


Task 2


Tom the teacher

Practise the language you heard in Tom the teacher’s summary [23:22].

Task 1


Task 2


Task 3




Language level

Intermediate: B1


Hello guneytasyurek,

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Good luck!

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The LearnEnglish Team

It was really nice and helpful series, i enjoyed the lesson today, it was fantastic, very happy to listen to the complete series, heading to the next one.
Thanks alot
My regards

Thank you Peter M.

dear brithish council team.
into the support pack series 2, episode 10, section seven- excercise 4 here, I have to choose the right answer for each situation: a) zero; b) nil; c) LOVE; d) oh. Before Tom talked about different ways of saying the numeral "0", like nil, zero, hought or oh, but he do not speak about LOVE.
Would do you like explain to me please, uses LOVE?

Hello anaisavecas,

We use 'love' to mean 'zero' only in certain sports. Tennis is the most common, but it is also used in other similar sports (badminton etc). Thus we would say a score like 6-2, 6-0 as 'six two, six love'.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

If I had a choice to have special power, I would choose the ability to recover life. There are more and more deserts in the world, I really want to plant trees there to recover it. There would be more and more animals so we can protect the environment.

Dear Krik
I just want to ask a question ; the following sentences are grammatically correct but I have a double about the second one , would you please give me your guidance in this case !!
1. The passenger was noted about the schedule change !!
2. The schedule change was informed to passenger !!

Thank you in advance for your attention and sorry if my question is not connected to this podcast

Best regards

Hello Hootan,

Neither of those sentneces are natural English, I would say. I would suggest the following:

1. The passenger was informed of the schedule change.

2. The schedule change was passed on to the passenger.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you Peter , Thank you so much for your suggestion.

Hi British Council, I think you should pin the playing audio on top/bottom of the page, so that it won't be scrolled out. It would be more convenient if I don't have to scroll up to pause/play the audio.
Anyway, thank you for your helpful lessons.