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Episode 04

Carolina is having some problems with money. What can she do to solve them? Adam and Rob talk about all the different types of weather you have in your countries.

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Task 5

Tell us about your first job. What did you do? How much did you earn and what did you spend your pay on? Was it difficult or enjoyable? How did you get it?

Write to us in the comments and we'll discuss your answers in the next show.


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Intermediate: B1


Hi everyone
I've been absent for a long time but i back.
Well my first job is in a department store as a shop assistant. I won a minimum wage per month. it is around 200 dolares at that time. It was hard to pay the bills. But it's ok

My first job is working at a cafe. They pay me 5RMB. I think it's a funny job. All of us working not only a server but also a cooker. It was there that I know about how to make coffee and other drinks!


I've worked so many in my life!
When I was a kid I helped my father in the his restaurant, I was an waitress. After, I worked in another places as car washer, Cyber Café attendant, etc.
When I concluded my high school, I decided to do a college and get a good job. So, I started to study Computer Programming at the college and than I started to build my career as a Software Engineer.
In conclusion, now I'm a Software Engineer since 2010 with focus in Web Development. I'm also studying English so much, and I'm studying to pass at University to make a master in Software Engineer.

In my first job, I handed out marketing flyers in traffic for drivers who were waiting for the green light at the semaphore. At that time, it was really enjoyable because there were other friends together and all of us were young guys. By the way, one of these friends invited me to work on the store responsible for those flyers. I didn't earn much money, but it was enough to buy some clothes and go out. The fact was I hadn't earned money before, so the first salaries were really enjoyable. But today I think it was difficult, because it's really hard to work between the cars in a traffic under a sunny day.
Thank you.

My First job was as software engineer, writing code in C++ to development computer application. I was earning eleven thousands a month. I spent on house rent, internet cafe and food. It was very difficult for me to manage the expenses.

I was continuously looking for another job for higher salary and after 8 months I got the new job with higher salary and it was enjoyable.

I got my first job when I was in university. I was a hostess in a restaurant-bar. As I have no experience before so I just earned about US$150 per month. Although I had to work till late and always came home at 2AM or later but it was a great time to me :) Thanks!

My first job was as a telephonist in a telemarketing company. It was a quite stressful time!

My first job was a teacher assistant in anursery it was very interesting job because the treatment with the kids so cute

I started my first job as a teacher when I was studying at university. I spent my pay to pay my study expenses. It was quite difficult to mange things.

When i was children, my mother worked in a candy factory. She take the candys for free, so she gave me them and i sold them in my school. It was forbidden in my school so i had to do it secretly. It was funny. i don't remember if i was discovered but it helped me for buy my english book's.