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Episode 04

Carolina is having some problems with money. What can she do to solve them? Adam and Rob talk about all the different types of weather you have in your countries.

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Task 5

Tell us about your first job. What did you do? How much did you earn and what did you spend your pay on? Was it difficult or enjoyable? How did you get it?

Write to us in the comments and we'll discuss your answers in the next show.


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Intermediate: B1


My first job was as a maths teacher and now after 24 years I teach... physics! A great change...
Only joking, I enjoy my job. A student of mine told me I don't remember how much time ago: «Prof (a short word to call a teacher here in Italy), you - an engineer - why are you a teacher only? You don't earn very much!»
Well, today I can say I'm very happy to earn... enough and enjoy my job. Sometimes the "failures" in life are the best thing!
Hey, Jack, by the way... A few months ago you advised me to go to the London Eye on my holiday over there this summer. I responded you, like a posh: «Oh, no, what a terrible idea... I'll like visit only museums and so forth...» Errr, can I tell you? I climbed up on the London Eye too!

Hi Sirjoe777

I hope you had a good time in London and enjoyed your trip on the London Eye. 



The LearnEnglish Team

hello , i'm new member here,i need who can help me how to start to improve my english please  help me if u can

i studied dentistry for 5 yeras and graduated , then i was searching for a job in a private clinic,and i started work immediately,i was responsible for the composite restorations only,it was a great experience because i met important and educated patients,and everything was doing great until i fought with the assistant,she was unrespectable and very rude,so i decided to quit and to start my own job in my own private clinic,but the worst thing that has ever happened to me is that,when i got my first salary,i putted all the money in my purse and went to bye boots,and while i was searching for the suitable boot,two old women entered the shop and they had a big sac ,while i was busy trying my boots,they stole my purse,and i didn't notice until after it was  too late,i reported this accident to the police and i was crying because it was my first salary,i felt sad and desperate.

hi my friends I`m alireza and i from Iran ,I`m physic teacher and i love to learn English ... when i was 20 i taeugh math i love teach the students ...i think all the person have to work when was kid to know how to earn money ...i`m so glad find new friends...

I am a student and I did not get a job at all .In my country most people are not working during the study it is difficult to find a job even if you wish first jop was saller sanitary i was earned 300 pounds it was very law but i was happy in this jop alhough it was difficult becouse the work was full time   

My first Job is a cashier in one of the restaurant at my country which I get easily because of my cousin's help. And it was the  first time to work with foreigner there. The manager of it is Singaporean and I have learn a lot of things from her. I have made much money to support my parents by working there for three years. After I did transfer to  market which is under the same owner.

My first job was in a chemical lab during summer break. It was a bit of a strange experience because I burned my hand with acid. It healed well, but that was a good lesson on not talking too much while working with dangerous stuff. Very Interesting exchange of ‘first job’ experiences.

Hi everybody
I am office staff. I  learned English a long time. But i didn't regular train . So i can't talk and write. I want to attend so i can talk and read. I like cook and make cakes of Vietnam
Thanks a lot