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Episode 04

Carolina is having some problems with money. What can she do to solve them? Adam and Rob talk about all the different types of weather you have in your countries.

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Tell us about your first job. What did you do? How much did you earn and what did you spend your pay on? Was it difficult or enjoyable? How did you get it?

Write to us in the comments and we'll discuss your answers in the next show.


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Intermediate: B1


Hello Muhammad Erad,

The exclamation mark should come at the end of the sentence, so (2) is not correct.

I think the most common form for this would be (3). This is something that religious people often say. (1) is also fine, but (4) sounds very formal and old-fashioned to me. It might be appropriate in certain contexts (a poem, a prayer or a literary work, for example), however.



The LearnEnglish Team

Hello Sir, I want to ask what are 'gerents'

Hello Muhammad Erad

It's difficult to say without knowing the context, but I suppose 'gerent' is another way of saying 'manager'. I don't see the word on this page; does that make sense for the context you saw it in? Please note that this word appears to no longer be in common use.

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

My first job was a workman of food processing industry in my fifteen’s summer vocation.The factory’s products are many types of fried shredded squids.The smell of the factory’s around was very terrible. I worked eight hours one day from monday to friday. When I came home, what I want to do most was go to take a shower and lying in me bed as soon as I could. That makes me get about fifteen thousand a month. I think it was a little hard work for a junior high school student, but it was a precious experience for me to know making money by self is not simple.

When I earned first money my job was a mason. And I worked through only two weeks.

My first job was a waitress in the restaurant when I was a student. It was so hard and tired work, I had to stand and move all time (from 4 PM to 11 PM). The salary was small. And I spent it on my studying. Now I have a better job but I can't forget that time.

Hi everyone! Firstly, I'd like to thank British council and all its members for such a wonderful site!
I've got my first job when I was also a student. It was a sausage company and I was a merchandiser. My colleagues and I organised degustations in supermarkets. Of course the salary was very small, but we tasted a lot of sausages...))
P.S. Carolina's voice is so pleasant!!!

My first job was in a deparment store at the grocery section. I got this job when I was at the University. I had to lie because they didn't wanted to give me the job due to I was studying, so I had to said that I was quit the university. At the begining it was boring, but I learned about follow a schedul, and work at night shifts. The payment wasn't good, but I saved that money and I spend in the next year of the university.

My the first job was a streat cleaner. I sweeped foliadge, cleaned snow,planted flowers. We hade a friendly team and had a fan there so i liked this job. My salary was about 1$an hour and we worked 2 hours a day. I was 13 and despite my age i was saysfied tsese salary.

Hello everyone,
My first job was selling gas tanks. In my country, people use gas tanks (about 25kg of total weight) for their cooking. My job was bringing these gas tanks to client's of houses. Because of my family situation, I worked that job since I was in grade 8. And that work gives me good experiences up to now.