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Episode 06

Carolina wants a job to solve her money problems, but will she find one? Adam is surprised about your opinions of football!

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Intermediate: B1


hi adam
I am noha and I think I like night more than morning that is because in morning i have alot of things to do and after that in evening after finising all duty and my children go bed I feel in relaxation with cup of tea and watching TV.that is all thank you bye

I'm happier after work, when I come back home, eat dinner, relax and meet friends.

hi , im fatima. when i back home , i eat laeng , relax and meet friends.

I really enjoy evening because it's time when I can rest after work and I can be in to my interests.

Hello!I am very enjoing of your site!Thake you very much for you job.Sorry,but I don't understant about :do we use "in" or "in the" before seasons?

Thanks for your kind message.
Both are correct and most of the time you can use them interchangeably. The only difference I can think of is that if you are talking about one specific summer you can only use 'in the summer'. For example, 'In the summer, we visited my aunt in Romania.'
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

I think early morning is the best time to study,to read,to walk and to breathe fresh air.This helps the mind and the soul very well.On the other hand, evenings are not ideal times to do such things, the best activity to do at night is to sleep and have good dreams.

thank you for great files

Good morning everybody,
One of my favourite parts during a day is the evenings. You know why? ^^ Because I can get full with some delicious soups from my sister in law who comes home from work at 5pm everyday. Besides, it is also my pleasant time when I can watch TV or a few movies I like with all the family members.
Good luck to everybody.

This is very interesting topic when you talking about football. I love it! Specially, football in England. I had supported Chelsea and Arsenal in London. I love London but I haven't chance to go there yet. Once in my life, I will go there for couple days and of course I will visit London and my 2 favorite football teams.